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How the cable AC voltage withstand test

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-06

At present, the insulation of XLPE power cable XLPE international and domestic more and more alternative power cable insulation of oil filled paper original. But in the test on XLPE cable before operation because of subjects in large capacity and test equipment, for a long time, still follow the use of DC voltage withstand test method.

In recent years, many research results of international, domestic research institutions that DC tests with different degrees of damage to the XLPE XLPE cable. Some research view that the XLPE structure has the ability to store the accumulation of unipolar residual charge, when the DC test, such as can not effectively release the residual charge after operation in DC, DC and AC voltage peak residual charge may cause cable breakdown. That some domestic research institutions, the DC voltage test of XLPE cables, due to space charge effect, the actual work of electric field intensity electric field intensity in the insulation can be more than 11 times as high as the cable insulation. Even with the DC breakdown does not occur in the XLPE cable, it will cause serious damage to insulation. Secondly, the AC voltage field DC voltage field strength and operation applied different distribution. DC test cannot truly simulate the operation state of voltage cable bear, and the effective discovery of cable and cable joint defect itself and the construction technology. Therefore, using the method of non DC voltage test of XLPE cables have been paid more and more attention.

At present, in the middle and low voltage cable abroad have been using ultra low frequency power (VLF) of withstand voltage test. But because of the low voltage of VLF, cannot be used for 110kV and high voltage cable above test. In China, the low voltage cable, this method is also used, but due to test equipment, not popularized in large area.

In recent years, due to the reconstruction of city, rural power grid construction, XLPE XLPE cable is more and more, only by the DC voltage test after the cable is put into operation, in operation and under voltage occurs cable or cable head breakdown events have occurred from time to time. So, we are exploring new test method.

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