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Copper clad aluminum cable characteristics and its application

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-07

1 The physical properties of copper clad aluminum

Copper is a metal composite materials, play two metal material properties at a wire, copper clad aluminum will advantages the superior electric conductivity of copper and aluminum light weight together, forming a light conductive materials. In addition, from the cable cost point of view, under the same load conditions, the prices so high, both cable users and design units, to ensure the carrying capacity under the same conditions, selection of copper clad aluminum cable is completely feasible, which not only makes the cable production enterprises can avoid risk, healthy development conducive to the industry, at the same time to suppress the rising copper prices will also play a certain role. According to the insiders, wire and cable industry using copper cable is a kind of good ways to alleviate the pressure, the assumption that the Chinese wire and cable industry in order to realize the copper clad aluminum instead of copper, can save a lot of limited copper resources

2 Application of Copper clad aluminum cable cable

American, Britain and other countries of Europe and the United States began to study and application of copper clad aluminum material in the early 60's of the twentieth Century, Japan and other countries have also been developed related materials, and entered the practical stage, the copper clad aluminum has become the third conductor copper, aluminum after. Because the aluminum surface easily oxidized, it is very difficult to remove oxide films produced by large contact resistance and not solder, seriously affecting the popularization rate of aluminum and copper, and copper clad aluminum success, pioneered the aluminum and copper.

Because the production of copper-clad aluminium conductor material industry, at present domestic has can realize batch production, and copper clad aluminum has the advantages of light weight, low cost, price stability and so on, overcomes the disadvantages of high cost, such as copper price change radically, the increasingly wide range of applications, but by the majority of the building property developers and manufacturers welcome, for example:

(1) copper clad aluminum can be used for power and electrical industry.
(2) for wire and cable wire project.
(3) power cable conductor, in the western developed countries, the development and application of copper clad aluminum has more than 30 years, China's wire and cable industry, itself is low profitenterprises, in the face of the huge volatility in the face of international copper prices, copper prices this irresistible external, independent innovation in search of raw material substitutes to reduce the cost seems to be the only the feasible method of enterprise self rescue. Some European and American countries already widely used in construction, telephone, television, electric power and other industries. The 80's of the last century the generation of copper to aluminum, aluminum as the conductor material, has its inherent disadvantages: easy to oxidation, large contact resistance, can not use the soldering, than copper corrosion, which affect the use, not to occupy the main market.

Copper clad aluminum conductor and the copper conductor DC resistance under the same conditions, according to the skin effect theory, copper clad aluminum cable has the following advantages:

(1) between the conductor and terminal thermal cycle index than copper;
(2)Its AC resistance, current carrying capacity than copper, which is also better than the low copper loss;
(3)The solderability with tin and copper the same
(4) the same contact resistance and copper;
(5)The resistivity can be resolved through the conductor cross section and the copper content and the composite conductor.

Experts think, copper resources in short supply on the world, and China's copper and heteronomy. Therefore, can completely replace the copper products used in copper clad aluminum, which from the environmental point of view of circular utilization of resources, is very favorable. Through the comparison of the different materials of copper cladding aluminum price changes and properties of copper, aluminum, technical and economic analysis of pure copper wire, copper clad aluminum cable conductive properties and various parameters, index with equivalent section, density than pure copper, pure copper is only 37 - 40%; pure copper prices lower than the same specification, environmental protection, energy saving, save copper resources. The copper clad aluminum conductor materials of copper, aluminum after pulling, has been completely metallurgy, copper coated aluminum was completely, not contact with water and air, overcame the aluminum conductor contact resistance, low intensity, easy to creep, corrosion, oxidation, and copper as sexual energy. With the increasing shortage of copper core conductive materials. Wire and cable industry toward lightweight, high-strength, high conductivity, antimagnetic, corrosion is the inevitable trend of development. Copper clad aluminum save scarce copper resources, reduce cable weight, easy to transport and construction, reduce the labor intensity of workers, production process and coated welding method does not pollute the environment. Therefore, copper clad aluminum cable not only has the broad market prospect, application scope is also expanding. Along with the market development, copper clad aluminum cable has been gradually accepted by people, also all the advantages of the product reflected in practice. Thus, the enterprise into a new development stage.

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