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The structure and characteristics of inline lock type metal band armored cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-07

Characteristics and Application

Cable UL 1569 "Metal-Clad Cable" standard for the metal band armored cable, on the basis of cable armoring molding our translation for inline lock type metal band armored cable (MC cable). MC cable is my company supporting export USA products, is currently the world's most advanced metal band known armoured cable. This product adopts the inline lock type metal tape armoured, solves the cable in the specific system used in security, anti rust, tensile, bending, resistance to external mechanical damage and other special requirements, and greatly improves the use safety system. The excellent performance of the material, so that the finished cable have outstanding performance in corrosion resistance, safety, break resistance pressure, bending characteristics, satisfy the need of relevant power line network operation. The cable directly buried in building wall, and the traditional wiring (wire wear to have been buried in the wall of the plastic tube) essential differences exist, and convenient installation, is widely used in modern office buildings, modern buildings, factories and other basic industries.

The cable structure

MC cables for 600V or 2000V, the internal core for parallel beam or round cable structure, core adopts UL66 (wire) /UL83 (thermoplastic cable) /UL44 (thermosetting wire and cable insulation form), including TFN, THHN/THWN-2/ZW, RHH/XHHW/XHHW-2, /TFFN / line core, the nominal cross section 18AWG ~ 2000kcmil, temperature 75 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ grade.

MC cable core conductor can be made of copper, aluminum, copper clad aluminum conductor or aluminum alloy materials, such as the use of copper conductor conductor cross section is 18AWG ~ 2000kcmil, such as the use of aluminum or copper clad aluminum conductor conductor cross section is in the range of 12AWG ~ 2000kcmil, conductor cross section is greater than 6AWG should be stranded copper conductor structure, 18AWG and 16AWG shall be in accordance with UL66 for the rest of the specifications, the conductor shall be in accordance with the requirements of UL1581; the TFN /TFFN /THHN/THWN-2/ZW, RHH/XHHW/XHHW-2 insulation type wire, you can use the CP, CPE thermoplastic, thermosetting CPE, NBR, PVC, chloroprene rubber, TPE, XL (irradiation crosslinking material) and other materials; cable can be included in the ground core, a grounding wire core can take insulation layer can also be bare wires; insulated wire cores and ground core should be stranded are arranged in parallel in the armor layer under together or, into a cable core may include shielding layer, also can be covered with a layer of polyester belt as the isolation layer, can be extruded with a layer of inner cushion layer; a cable core cable after a layer of the interlocking metal belt armor, armor can be used for round cable, metal material smooth steel, aluminum or aluminum alloy with the armored layer should be from first to last, Bao Fucheng The cable core, cannot make the cable core is exposed in the air; armored layer according to the need to allow extruded outer sheath layer, such as cable buried use must be extruded sheath.

The typical product structure diagram (MC 3*14AWG+1*14AWG)

Inline lock type metal band armored cable

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