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Power cable of each part type codes and their meanings

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-08

1 insulation type: V represents polyvinyl chloride; X stands for rubber; Y represents polyethylene; YJ stands for crosslinked polyethylene; Z represents the paper.
The 2 conductor material: L aluminum; T (omitted) on behalf of copper.
3 inner protecting layer: V represents a PVC sheath; Y polyethylene sheath; L aluminum sheath; Q lead sheath; H rubber sheath; F chloroprene rubber sheath.
4 features: D no drip; F phase; CY oil; P lean dry insulation shielding; P; Z dc.
5 control layer: No 0; 2 double belt; 3 steel; 4 crude steel.
6 outer layer: No 0; 1 fiber coat; 2 PVC sheathed; 3 polyethylene sheath.
7 flame retardant cable in the code before the ZR; refractory cable in the code with NH.

Said method oil filled cable models and products
Oil filled cable model composed of product series code and cable structure of each part of code. Oil - filled cable products series: CY. The outer sheath structure
From the inside to the external reinforcement layer, an armor layer, outer layer of code combination. Insulation type, conductor, an inner protective layer code and the code of the arrangement
Order and the product that the same method and 35kV and below power cable. As CYZQ102 220/1 × 4 said copper core, paper insulated, lead sheath,
The Copperbelt radial reinforced, unarmored, self-contained oil filled cable PVC jacket, rated voltage 220kV, single core, nominal cross-sectional area of the 400mm2.

Oil filled cable outer sheath code meaning
1 strengthen layer: 1 for copper strip radial strengthen; 2 stainless steel with radial strengthen; 3 steel radial strengthen; 4 stainless steel with radial, narrow stainless steel band
Longitudinal reinforcement.
The 2 armoured layer: 0 Non armoured; 2 steel sheathed thick steel wire armoured; 4.
3 outer layer: 1 fiber layer; 2 PVC sheathed; 3 polyethylene sheath.

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