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Environmental protection flexible PVC cable compound formula design

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-10

1 Selection of resin

The primary problem of cable compound has good processing properties and physical mechanical properties is to select the suitable PVC resin. Degree of polymerization of PVC (molecular weight) is high, the tensile strength, impact strength and elastic modulus of high heat resistance, the better; but the melt fluidity and plasticity decrease, the processing temperature increased. The test showed that the polymerization degree of PVC resin, about 1000~1300 (loose, K value 60~75) is suitable for cable material preparation.

2  Selection of environmental protection type stabilizer

PVC resin is extremely unstable to heat, the heated when the temperature is over 90 ℃ begins to decompose, temperature higher than 120 ℃ will decompose, the release of large amounts of hydrogen chloride (HCl) gas escape, with HCl content increasing, the color becomes deep. So don't join the pure PVC resin stabilizer is unable to carry out the processing and application.

Stabilizer PVC processing commonly used has the lead salt stabilizer, chromium, lead salt, but salt containing heavy metals caused serious heavy metal pollution to the environment. Therefore the stabilizers tend to environmental protection. One is to use organic tin stabilizer, it has stable effect is good, the advantages of low dose, mainly used for hard high transparent and soft products, but most are toxic organic tin, most have a special smell, although processing initial hue, but later will quickly change color, black spot; two is the use of calcium stearate and stearic acid zinc complex chelating agent. But the domestic ordinary calcium / zinc stabilizer thermal stability time is too short, thermal stability, unable to meet the production requirements of wire and cable industry. Selection of imported international well-known calcium / zinc stabilizer brand A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, thermal stability test according to GB8815-2002 standard cable on the application of these stabilizer production material, the results in Table 1 (the other main raw material weight was PVC:100phr, O two formic acid octyl two: 50phr: 30phr), calcium carbonate.

Thermal stability test of 1 soft PVC cable material

Project Calcium zinc stabilizers, channel
The amount of stabilizer(phr) N N N N N N N N N N
Thermal stability time(min) 125 195 145 75 195 73 203 66 205 77

From table 1 data shows, stabilizer A, B, C, E, G, I, good thermal stability, while J, D, H is worse. According to the thermal stability time of various products in the standard of GB8815-2002 soft PVC plastic requirements between 50~180min. Table 1 shows the test data, a stable effect, cable material series of products using the stable system with soft PVC plastic requirements for electric wire and cable, to determine the specific stabilizer varieties according to the production of cable material variety determination.

3 selection of plasticizers

Soft PVC plastic compounds, formulations primary plasticizer can be based on different levels of temperature resistance and the adjacent benzene two benzoic acid, phthalic acid ester as two two, two two phthalic acid heptyl ester, phthalic acid two two isodecyl phthalate; terephthalic acid such as terephthalic acid, trimellitic octyl two; class, such as trimellitic octyl three etc.. These used in wire and cable with PVC plastic main plasticizer can be used alone or combined into each other. In order to improve the properties of soft PVC cable material (such as anti-aging performance) but also to join the auxiliary plasticizer, such as epoxidized soybean oil and epoxidized butyl oleate etc..

4 selection of filler and other additives

Soft PVC cable material filler is mainly calcium carbonate and clay calcination. Calcium carbonate has little influence on insulated cable material, which play a role in reducing costs in the cable material formulation; and calcined clay is the main additives to improve the insulation performance of cable material, the amount is generally 5~15phr. The lubricant used as lubricant used cable material, such as polyethylene wax, the amount is generally 0~2.5phr

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