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Talking about the relation between the sheath thickness and cable quality

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-11

As we all know, the quality of the products, quality, the first feature is reflected in the appearance quality of the product, no matter what kind of product, or semi-finished products, in the production process must pay attention to the appearance quality, strict control of it and check. The sheath is cable appearance, the appearance is smooth and rounded, smooth and uniform, not partial core (not to exceed the specified error), no mechanical damage, compressed, no visual clutter, bubble, trachoma, obvious grain, bamboo shaped, Hemp flowers shape etc.. In addition to comply with the quality requirements of the sheath, sheath thickness also has certain influence on cable quality.

Sheath thickness below the standard of course is not qualified, but the thickness exceeds the standard requirements, are not qualified. For example: cable model for ZR-KVVP 4*1.5mm2, the measured sheath thickness has an average thickness of 1.6mm, the models such as the reference standard of GB9330-88, thickness should be 1.2mm. Found unqualified for the following reasons:

(1) reduce the service life. After a long time of cable laying, electricity, electricity generating heat, the conductor allowable working temperature is 70 ℃, PVC long-term use temperature should not exceed 65 ℃, if in the summer, working temperature will rise, the temperature will be through the outer protective layer emitted, sheathing thickness increases, the heat trapping, will affect the cable service life PVC, because under the action of heat insulating layer, so that a series of physical and chemical changes, the loss of the excellent performance of the original, the insulation properties decreased significantly, even the appearance of short-circuit, affect the normal operation of machine.
(2) the material performance deficiencies. The material properties through the thickness is not reflected, in accordance with the GB8815-2002 standard requirements,
That a certain index which is not standard, flame retardant PVC material, the oxygen index is lower than 30.
(3) cable structure problem. If the conductor, an insulating layer, density, in accordance with the standard requirements, select the appropriate filler to round, the sheath can squeeze so thick?
(4) increased the difficulty of cable laying. Now the cable laying on bridge or wear tube, now many enterprises are in the implementation of cable - tight, small diameter, a gap in the cable laying process, distribute heat, ensure the cable outer sheath is not damaged, otherwise, bring some difficulties to the construction unit and cable laying.

In summary, sheath thickness should be in accordance with the standard control, which not only for enterprises to save resources, reduce material consumption, increase profits, but also ensures that the cable quality, to create a high quality and low price products.

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