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Seven kinds of wire and cable quality comparison of

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-12

Selection of cable types should be used for cable, transmission capacity, transmission bandwidth, the price and other aspects of the comprehensive consideration. Cable type with non shielded twisted pair, STP, Fiber optic cable three categories.

(1) non shielded twisted pair, UTP, is currently the most widely used wiring system, suitable for transmission bandwidth below 250MHz, no network application specific performance requirements, the advantage is good overall performance, low price, convenient construction and maintenance. Category six cabling system has reached the performance limit of unshielded twisted pair.

(2) double strand FTP aluminum foil shielding, the bandwidth is large, strong anti-jamming performance, it has the characteristics of low smoke halogen free. In contrast, shielding lines over non shielding line price and installation costs are higher, the bending properties of the cable is a bit poor. Shielding system six lines and before the.

(3) independently shielded twisted pair STP, each of the line has an aluminum foil shielding layer, four on the line together with a common metal braided shielding layer, which is the standard structure of seven lines. It is suitable for high speed network transmission, provide highly confidential, model is used to support future, wiring platform helps to unify the current network applications, making all kinds of information from the e-mail to the multimedia video, can be transmitted at the same set of high-speed system.

Additional shielding layer makes the seven kind of line has a larger diameter, these features to be especially careful in the design and installation of the routing and terminal space, leaving a large space and large radius of curvature, the Corelle company has been in Chinese introduced 7 kinds of wiring system.

As early as 1997 wiring standards organizations and manufacturers have put forward the idea of seven kinds of copper wiring system, in which Corelle released in 1997 seven kinds of wiring 600MHZ. Attenuation to crosstalk ratio and overall bandwidth 600MHz it can provide at least 500MHz, the joint requirements in 600MHz all lines to provide at least 60dB near end crosstalk. The five system is only required to provide 43dB in 100MHz, six in 250MHz value for 46dB.

But, because of its excellent shielding design and high bandwidth, a typical seven channel can even provide a pair of line 862MHz of bandwidth for the transmission of CATV signal, analog audio signal for transmission in a line, and then in the third, four lines for the transmission of high-speed local area network information. This application cannot imagine now, but soon will be composed of seven kinds of wiring system, category seven cabling system at present USA introduced Corelle has been leading the industry reached 1200MHz bandwidth.

Compared with the optical fiber LAN, solutions of seven systems provide desired performance and bandwidth, but its overall cost is only a fraction of the fiber. Some people think that fiber system can bring enough bandwidth, and the cable and cable prices close to seven. However, if we take into account the optical routers, optical switch and optical card cost factor, fiber price advantage will quickly lose.

(4) cable especially single-mode optical cable can be used for high speed network transmission, electromagnetic interference immunity and innate, strong reliability, support for long distance transmission and other advantages, is the network transmission medium for the future ideal, and its increasingly important role. But cable equipment, materials and termination cost is relatively expensive, installation is relatively complicated, it is generally suitable for long distance and large capacity wiring.

At present, 62.5/125 μ m multimode optical fiber cable has been in the integrated wiring system become the mainstream media main wiring, application in the level in the system will become more and more widely, the Corelle company has introduced a full set of fiber to the desktop cable wiring system, and in May this year, officially launched the 10G cable wiring system
The new version of the TIA/EIA-568-B.3 provides fiber, fiber jumper connecting hardware and mechanical characteristics and transmission performance. Compared with 568-A, the most significant is accredited to 50/125 μ m multimode fiber, and in addition to the SC connector, also recognized the small component (SFF) optical fiber connector connector as the working area

Allows the use of the SFF connector has brought many benefits to the end user, for example, the SC connector industry trend of larger size cannot support device interface towards the high density of the development direction, and the SFF connector can be easily connected to the two core fiber with RJ-45 in the same space.

Because the TIA of SFF fiber connector recognition, optical fiber equipment manufacturers such as CISCO, 3Com, IBM have the interface design into their products.

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