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Application of submarine power cable island power supply

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-12

Near the island continent by submarine power cable is connected to the mainland grid. Usually used in medium voltage AC cable (≤ 52kV), the transmission capacity of each cable is 10 ~ 30MW.

Submarine power cable replaced the power form the island inefficient, such as diesel generator. The maximum length of the economy of cable is 10 ~ 30km. In order to cope with the island power demand growth, external cables are often laid in different routing, to reduce the risk and enhance the availability of electricity on the island. Even if a cable fault, island power supply can still guarantee by other cables. In northern Germany, since the beginning of 1944, North Frisian islands through the 20kV submarine cable is connected to the mainland grid. Other islands, such as Canada's Vancouver Island (Vancouver Island) and USA New York Long Island (Long Island), with a large population and a large amount of electric power demand, need a lot of high-pressure submarine power cable line
Because the loss of AC cables with the increase of the propagation distance increased significantly, to the remote island power supply is difficult. From the above, 50km island has no link with the mainland power. Germany Heligoland island until 2009, realize the power connection and. The Swedish Gotland (Gotland) from Sweden, about 100km, have long-term dependence on inefficient diesel generator. Until 1954, the first HVDC submarine cable installation, it and China Power Grid connection. The island of Jersey island and Guernsey island in 1987 and 2000 two times successively, and the French power connection. Sicily in Italy (Sicily) and Sardinia (Sardinia) is also used in submarine power cable is connected to the mainland.

By the independent power supply is connected to the mainland or island sometimes adjacent islands, in order to enhance the availability of power supply. Submarine power cable with standby power function, for emergency power outage when the local unit.

Some countries such as Norway, Philippines, Japan, the buried features of its own, with a long tradition of installing submarine power cable in many inter island.

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