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The analytical point of electric welding machine cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-13

Reading guidance: electric welding cable is especially soft, has the good bending performance, therefore, it is very suitable for the voltage to the ground not more than 200V and 400V peak pulse current welding two secondary side wiring and connecting electric welder. This article today on the characteristics, electric welding machine cable selection, use and repair of several major points were analyzed for all learning, reference.

One, electric welding machine cable
Electric welding machine cable
, commonly known as the welding wire, which belongs to the rubber insulated cable, is used for the welding machine two secondary side wiring and electrode holder, welding connection cable, its characteristics are: high current, low voltage. Sheath material the use of natural rubber or neoprene rubber mixture, and chloroprene rubber sheath is heat resistant, oil resistant and non flammable properties, therefore, can be suitable for different occasions.
Electric welding machine cable for a single core, conductor are copper, copper wire diameter, root number, usually by a plurality of copper stranded wire, then by a plurality of strands of twisted conductor, so the electric welding machine cable body coarse wire, hundreds of root. Conductor is wrapped a layer of heat-resistant polyester film insulation. Cable type YH, insulation and sheath is a layer, thickness, above 1.8mm, material is natural rubber mixture; cable type YHF two covering layer, a chloroprene rubber mixture, another is the rubber mixture as insulation, with chloroprene rubber mixture as sheath. Electric welding machine cable specifications and models of 16 square, 25 square, 35 square, 50 square, 70 square, 95 square, 120 square etc..

Two,Several characteristics of electric welding machine cable
1.YH cable is in low voltage (the highest voltage of 200V) high current conditions, it must have the patience.
2 welding wire and cable allowed working temperature should not exceed 65 ℃.
3 The motor wiring cable moved frequently, twisted and cast, softness, good bending performance.
4 in the cast is vulnerable to scrape, clean sharp steel member, the cable insulation and tear resistant, wear resistant properties.
5 the use of complex environmental conditions, such as sun, water boiling, water, oil, acid and alkali liquid contact, request has the certain weather resistance and oil resistance, solvent resistance.
6 sometimes encounter heat welding, heat deformation resistance good requirements.
7 often mobile, requirements of small diameter, light weight. Due to the low electrical performance requirements, and the use of the complex environmental conditions, in the structure to meet the requirements of environmental factors is not suitable for various complex. When in use, attention to improving the conditions of use, to prevent external damage.

Three, electric welding machine cable selection
A power line of electric welding machine, not generally not more than three meters length, cross-sectional area desirable current density per square millimeter of 4-6A. according to the following a rated 30-50A, 60-80A, 100A, 120-150A, 200A, 300A, 360-400A are 10 mm, 16 square mm, 25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm.
Welding cable welding can be used for YHH type rubber sleeve cable and software YHHR special soft welding cable. Choose from the temperature rise and voltage drop to consider two aspects to welding cable. On the influence of length of the pressure drop of 20 meters below, but only on the current selection, the current density per square 4-10A. desirable following various length under different current, the sectional area of the welding cable. The . The length of 20 meters, 30 meters, 40 meters, 50 meters, 60 meters, 70 meters, 80 meters, 90 meters, 100 meters. 100A = 16,25,25,35,35,50,50,60,60 mm; 150A = 25,35,35,50,50,60,60,70,70 mm; 200A = 25,35,35,50,50,60,60,70,70 mm; 300A = 35,50,50,60,60,70,70,85,85 mm; 400A = 50,60,60,70,70,85,85,95,95 mm; 500A = 60,70,70,85,85,95,95120120 mm; 600A = 70,85,85,95,95120120135135 mm.

Four, use and repair electric welding machine cable
1 the device is not repair, the protection of property by the factory regulations, can not arbitrarily adjust;
2 arc welding machine with air cooling and main loop contactor, to the input power supply fan and a contactor coil power supply is connected to the terminal device;
3 before each use to observe the protective device status light, red light is the power indicator, green is safe voltage indication, the normal state are: shiny green without welding, welding quenching, such as discovery extinguished lights in the welder is not welded, indicates that the protector has lost its protective effect, should be discontinued.

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