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Several problems should be paid attention to cable maintenance

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-17

Power cable as part of a power line, because of its low failure rate, safe and reliable, flexible and widely used line. But once the fault, maintenance is difficult, dangerous, so in the maintenance, test should especially pay attention to.

1 Preparations for the power cable outage work before work should be filled with the first working ticket, without interruption of work should be filled with second kinds of tickets. Work carefully before access path graph, the permutation and hidden engineering drawings, must check the cable line name, sign and work ticket written, safety measures in the correct and reliable before start working.

2 In working notes must confirm cables required maintenance.

Cable needs repair can be divided into 2 types:
(1) terminal fault and cable surface has obvious fault point of cable. This kind of cable fault, fault sign is obvious, easy to confirm.
(2) surface of the cable is not exposed cable fault point. For this type of cable fault, in addition to check the information, check the cable name, also must be identified with the cable identification device, so that total and live cable distinguished from other operation apart, especially there are many cables in the same section, cable strictly distinguish between the need of maintenance and other electric cable is particularly important. At the same time, it also can effectively prevent the cable sign wrong and wrong cable, leading to the occurrence of false break live cable accident. Cut cable must have the safety protection measures and reliable. Sawing cables must be confirmed before, is indeed need to cut off the cable and the cable without electricity, and then, with the ground with the wooden handle (preferably with epoxy resin handle) the solder iron nail into the cable core, can work. Wood handle people should wear insulated gloves and stand on the insulating mat, special attention should be paid to ensure a well grounded soldering iron. Work for the mobile cable, should be careful, must not act recklessly, prevent the damage of other operation of cable. Cable head must be according to the process of installation, ensure the quality, not leave hidden dangers of accidents. Cable repair phase, should check cable ends serious, first remove the color original logo, color correct logo and a new phase, in order to prevent color confusion.

3 Note the cable voltage test pressure test should strictly abide by the "electric power industry regulation for security". Even in the field working conditions poor circumstances, the security requirement is not the slightest reduction. Division of labor must be clear, safety precautions should be detailed layout. The test site shall be installed closed barrier or fence, outward hanging "stop, high risk!" The sign, and guarded. Especially, the other end of the cable must be guarded, and maintain a smooth flow of communications, to prevent the occurrence of unexpected events. The test device, wiring should meet the safety requirements, the operation must be standardized. The attention should be focused on, the operator should stand on the insulating mat. Change according to the end of line or trial, should first disconnect the power supply, discharge, and high voltage short circuit of high voltage equipment grounding. High voltage DC test, each end or at the end of the test shall cable discharge to the ground several times and short circuit to ground, before contact with the cable.

4 other considerations, open cable wells or cable trench cover, should be prepared to prevent traffic accidents. Well should be arranged around the fence, do the obvious warning signs, and set the stopping cars into barriers. Night, cable wells should be lighting, preventing pedestrians or vehicles from falling into a well. Into the cable well before, should be excluded from the borehole gas. The staff should wear safety helmet in the well, and good fireproof, waterproof and anti falling debris and other measures, wellhead due to special guard.

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