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The basic structure of power cable and the functions of each component and characteristics

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-18

The conductor
The conductor is provided via the load current. The main technical specifications and requirements:
1) conductor cross-section and the DC resistance: because the current through a conductor conductor resistance because there will generate heat, therefore, according to the power transmission flow selection conductor cross section of right, the DC resistance shall conform to the specified value, in order to meet the requirements of heat stable cable operation.
2) conductor: conductor cable structure of high voltage electrode is at work, and the surface electric field intensity is maximum, if the local electric field strength of the burr will be greater. Therefore, in the design and production and use of departments connected to the conductor making joint, one of the main technical problems to be solved is to try to make the conductor surface to be smooth and rounded without burr, in order to improve the conductor surface field distribution.

The metal shielding
Metal shielding effect:
1) the low-voltage electrode formation of electric field, when the local burr is formed, the electric field strength greatly so, also want to try to make the conductor surface to be smooth and rounded without burr.
2) provides access to the capacitive current and fault current, therefore also has a certain section requirements.

Semi conductive shielding layer
Semi conductive shielding layer is a high voltage cable used to improve the surface electric field distribution of metal electrode, while improving the insulation of important measures of surface electric strength.
1) the first conductor formed the entire park instead of smooth surface, greatly improved the surface electric field distribution,
2) at the same time, close contact with insulation, overcomes the insulation close contact with metal cannot produce gas gap weakness, and the gap in the field work outside the shielding. In the accessories production also generally adopted this technology.

Insulation is the key structure of the high-voltage electrode and the ground electrode reliable isolation.
1) work under voltage and over-voltage long-term effect, so the electric strength and long-term stability is the most important part of the whole cable to ensure complete transmission task.
2) to heat tolerance heating conductor and maintain the electric strength.
Cable technology progress is mainly determined by the insulation technology. From production to run, the vast majority of test items are for a variety of performance monitoring of insulation for the purpose of.

Protective layer
The protective layer is an important guarantee to protect the cable insulation and normal operation.
According to various environmental conditions of use design with a protecting layer structure of corresponding. The main mechanical protection (longitudinal, radial force), waterproof, fire prevention, anti-corrosion, anti biological. Can be combined according to the need of.

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