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Mining rubber cable conductor shielding layer design

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-20

A conductor shielding layer in the cable mainly to improve the electric field structure, prevent discharge caused by the tip surface conductor processes, reduce the amount of partial discharge, guarantee the service life of the cable and reliability. Recently, a voltage level of 3.6/6kV mining rubber cable in GB12972-91 and MT818-1999 standards, and put forward a conductor shielding requirements on the voltage level of rubber cables, the shielding layer must be extruded manner. According to this requirement, 6/10kV mining rubber cable must have a conductor shielding layer to ensure the safe operation of the cable.

A conductor shielding layer of rubber cables to the processing of semi conductive rubber material. A conductor shielding layer using wrapping and extruded to production, squeeze the shielding layer packet mode production than the winding ways of producing more smooth and not protruding, convenient for uniform electric field effect. Selected source conductor shielding layer thickness in two aspects: one is to ensure that the conductor shielding layer on the surface of extruded after the smooth, due to mining rubber cable generally use the thin copper wire twisted way cable for mine, therefore can not be pressed, twisted the wire surface has a certain degree of twisted pair lines these rugged, no big impact on the electrical performance of low-voltage cable, but for high voltage cable just caused by the electric field strength is not uniform, can only rely on the extruded or lapped conductor shielding layer to eliminate its influence, but the thickness of conductor shielding layer is too thin is difficult to achieve in the process; in addition, from the economic point of view, although the conductor shielding layer thickening in the process is relatively easy to achieve, but the thickness of insulation cable for each additional 1mm will make the cable into the cable diameter increased 4.3mm, it will inevitably bring about the sheath material increase, also brought cable manufacturing cost greatly improve. In the GB12972-91 and MT818-1999 standards are presented the "semi conducting layer thickness control in about 0.7mm, the actual thickness not examination". Synthesis of the above two factors, using the two standard and conductor shielding layer thickness is appropriate. According to this requirement, the 6/10kV mining rubber cable also presents a conductor shielding layer thickness control in 0.7mm, the actual production thickness in accordance with the 0.7mm control, but not as a requirement of a rigid quality control technology.

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