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Analysis of the detection error of wire and cable conductor resistance

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-21

As the quality supervision and inspection agencies a product quality inspection personnel, not only to master the inspection technology, but also on the test results of scientific analysis, analysis of scientific testing methods and processes, analysis of the source of error detection possible, the correctness of our guarantee results, to evaluate the quality of the products is very necessary the.

Detection of wire and cable conductor, conductor resistance we detected sample are far less than 1, therefore, we adopt double bridge (Kelvin bridge) four terminal measuring fixture and special, coupled with the specimen, the standard resistance, galvanometer, rheostat, current meter, DC power supply, cable, switch into a a measurement system. The error of the whole system including: standard resistor calibration error, samples and standard resistance comparison error, contact potential and thermo emf error, measurement error caused by current sample heating.

Testing results of the sample, we will eventually be converted into 1000 meters 20 ℃ standard resistance, so the lab ambient temperature, and the consistency of the sample temperature and the temperature in the laboratory will also cause the error.

The length of the test specimen, is also the accuracy between four end clamp two potential electrode distance length (length to the distance we usually represents a test sample) and also one of the sources of error.

How to avoid or reduce these errors?

For the standard resistor, galvanometer, we according to the requirements of regular verification or calibration. The results when the deviation test results standard resistance into consideration, or directly into the effective verification period verification results were calculated. It is beneficial to reduce the standard error of calibration error and the resistance of samples and standard resistor.

Error due to the contact resistance and the thermoelectric potential, we can use the current commutation method, read a positive readings and reverse reading, take the arithmetic mean value. Can also use the balance point method (compensation), galvanometer access circuit, the current is not closed down to zero, the current closure is basically not observed impact galvanometer.

Select the appropriate precision galvanometer and appropriate test current, the sensitivity of testing system requirements, try to choose the test current minimum, and to complete the detection in a short time, especially the sensitivity requirements higher, test current is big, be sure to quickly complete the detection, so as to reduce the error caused by the heating of samples. So the test power on preparation work to do, the resistance of cables, accurate estimation value as far as possible, can reference standards corresponding to the specification requirements of the cable conductor resistance value as a default value.

The environment temperature, we should effectively control in the detection of the national standard of the parameters allow the fluctuation range, is also in the process of detection, can fluctuate in within 1 ℃ temperature. We therefore to laboratory selection should consider the air flow to the small, relatively closed, humidity is not too large. Requirements for temperature control equipment must be high, also is the air conditioner choice is considered to meet the requirement of our. The thermometer accuracy to meet the requirement, standard it could accurately read to 0.1 ℃, and the thermometer uses must be regular verification or calibration, sample storage time in the laboratory of not less than 16 hours, to ensure that the sample temperature and test temperature consistent, in order to be more sure, we usually in the laboratory for 24 hours. These factors are considered and solved, the error brought by environmental temperature factors as far as possible to avoid or reduce the.

Among the two potential electrode distance, we must be calibrated regularly, because we calculate is typically to between two potential electrode distance, this is in our hypothetical wire & cable between two potential electrode have moderate tightness, tension in full compliance with the requirements of the situation, the actual length of the cable distance represents the two electrode between the. Therefore, we should pay attention to the specimen cable straightened as far as possible at the time of detection, but not too tight, tight tension is too large, may be attenuated the reduction in cross-sectional area of wire. We through the conductor resistance calculation formula, the relationship between conductor wire and cable and its length and cross-sectional area, and is directly proportional to the length and inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area. Visible, accurate measurement of length of test samples for wire and cable conductor resistance of this parameter, we should be careful in reading, try to avoid human error.

The whole detection system and the error sources with the understanding and mastery, reliability analysis of test data and effectiveness have quite grasp, process the data more scientific. The product quality and not make the science fair appraisal, provides the reference for the production units, provide the basis for quality supervision of administrative law enforcement, so as to better serve the development of society and economy.

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