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Cable material lubricating enameled wire to R & D

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-21

A 90 's coil manufacturing remarkable characteristic is the use of high-speed automatic winding machine, winding speed, generally in the 1500-3000rpm, the highest speed can reach 6000rpm, so the wire surface lubrication on the paint can be said to have reached a surprising degree requirements, to the 70-80's development of self lubricating enameled wire and is the code pyramid.

There are many methods to improve the enameled wire surface lubrication, but can be mainly attributed to the lubrication and lubrication two. The former includes wear resistance surface oil ester wax and other lubricating liquid and compound nylon, polyamide imide resin paint as well, the latter is the lubricating substance to the enameled wire paint or surface coating.

But up to now, have not seen on the best or complete solution reports, such as adding a lubricating substance polyamide imide paint, the excellent wear resistance of paint layer more lubrication, should be a kind of ideal method. But according to reports, its reliability has failed to establish, because there is not a matter that is not affected by the storage stability of the paint.

In recent years, sealing machine using a composite enameled wire has also undergone a lubrication problem.

As everyone knows, the coolant medium has been determined using R-134a instead of R-12, and has been used in industrial production. While the R-22 replace the a. While the R-22 replace the agent may be a mixture of R-134a and R-32, R-125 etc, are still in experimental study. But in the substitute R-134a medium containing ester oil, a fold out of the enameled wire paraffin lubricating material, it will lead to blockage of refrigeration system of capillary, to the detriment of the operation of the compressor. So the choice of lubricant, even in the choice of lubricating paint new envelope has become a new problem.

Surface lubrication method for enameled wire of our country, the traditional approach is in enameled wire reeling to finished spool up a thin layer of oily liquid. 80 years of technology introduction, part of plant into paraffin lubricant, in the manufacture of general coil improves performance. But the use of R-134a in such occasions, most manufacturers still existing problems. Therefore, lubricating enameled wire for our country is still a subject of research and development of new products.

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