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Electric wire maintenance Note seven items

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-28
Wires using the length of time, depending on the wire and wire installation environment quality. Wire depends mainly on the outside layer of wrapping insulation, for a long time, corrosion and corrosive gas, insulation performance decreased gradually, gradually aging become hard, brittle or fall off. Wire insulation performance loss is very dangerous, if two wires touch touch and the earth connecting things together or wire, electric leakage phenomenon occurs, so that the local wire temperature, spark, causing the fire. Therefore, attention should be paid to:

One, wire heating, not damp, corroded or damaged.

Two, a certain number of wires used to check, found the problem, should be promptly replaced.

Three, not to overload the use of wire.

Four, check the use of electrical and wiring in the home, timely maintenance and repair.

Five, for the old buildings, the line found was inundated with water or wet, especially line of disrepair aging should be immediate repair electrician.

Six, for easy water soaked line, should please electrician transfer line, take the viaduct, moisture-proof measures.

Seven, the rainy day such as power failure should be immediately cut off the power, an electrician to check reason, and sent someone to take care of them.
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