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Basic common sense to select qualified cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-01-21

  Choose the cable, seemingly simple, but closely related, and family life and property safety and therefore, must be cautious. If a professional identification conditions, it is best to use technical means. If not, should at least pay attention to the following points:

See the cable manufacturer.
The cable manufacturer is different, in cable production equipment, cable product quality and management concept, there are always differences such as. In general, normal cable approved by the state production enterprise, has the good support not only cable production facilities, cable, cable production management aspects and so on product quality, but also in the cable product quality inspection and audit and so on, also has the strict control of the relevant department of the state. Cable products to buy these manufacturers, quality natural will guarantee. Instead of cable products formal manufacturers of cable production, it is obviously not possible with these conditions. As for the fake and shoddy products of inferior quality of cable, not to say, once a problem, even claim could not find the door. Therefore, in the purchase of cable, cable products have to buy the regular manufacturers, this point must be unambiguous.
See the cable product labeling.
Cable formal, qualified, usually cable specifications with 3C certification, manufacturers related name, content, and use high quality inkjet printing and laser printing. Instead of normal cable products online on simple tagging, some even without a mark. Jet printing logo is also prone to falling. In addition, qualified cable products each disk cable will be included are certified factory, details on the manufacturers and cable related to the qualified certificate, and false line has no or lack of such content. These data is one of the methods to judge the authenticity of the cable, hand is also a consumer to use at a later date security issues.
See the cable production date.
In an ideal environment, the cable shelf life can reach 20 years. But if the long-term placement at a heat, pH value of the environment, this time will be greatly reduced. Therefore, in the purchase of cable, cable production date cable is also an important reference for. Regular cable will be marked with cable production time, at the time of purchase, consumers can choose cable cable production date closer, to avoid the cable quality loss during storage.
Product specifications watch cable.
Due to the large cable types, cables with different models have different best working environment. Therefore, in the selection of cable to cable, must understand their requirements, according to the demand to buy the appropriate type of cable. For example, for some high voltage motor, we should see the cable in the cable when the operating voltage range, avoid the problem of excessive loss at high load etc..
Look at the sales channels and procedures.
Either direct or agency, relevant proof, regular cable distributors have issued by manufacturers sales certificate and other basic materials. While the informal vendors is the lack of relevant materials. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of cable, best can require the vendor to produce sales certificate, proxy certificate, avoid losses swindled.
Using the direct contact method.
In addition to the above methods, in the case of conditions, can also take "direct contact method a look, ninety percent off, a burning" to judge the quality of cable. The so-called look, refers to buy cable through the copper core quality was observed in the cross section of the judge and cable products quality. Copper core should be qualified to purple red, shiny, soft; and copper core cable products are often fake purple black, yellow and impurities. The so-called ninety percent off, is that consumers can choose a cable head, take repeated bending method to detect the quality of cable. Qualified cable will show the plastic or rubber flexible handle, feel soft, anti - fatigue characteristics in bending, in the repeated bending, cable insulation material for surface no change, no cracking. Informal cable products are likely to appear in the process of the crack surface of insulator, and even copper core fracture cases. But a burning, is that consumers can be simple to use lighter combustion test. Regular cable in the design of most would consider to heat, fire requirements, so in the burn, surface insulator slow burning smoke less, and even a smoke-free, cable products of some refractory, and even the use of alcohol burner is not lit, and the combustion heat quickly after; and for non qualified cable, use lighter roast is prone to rapid and consistent combustion, and smoke a lot of smoke. By this way, can more intuitive judgment of quality level of cable.
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