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Design of intelligent overhead insulated cable structure

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2019-05-06

    Recently, Chinese grid to increase investment, was built to connect the large-scale energy base and main load centers "three vertical and three horizontal" high-voltage backbone and long distance of transmission 33kv cable 240mm project, strong and smart grid world class preliminary construction as core. This requires the wire or cable with long span and can realize online monitoring in transmission at the same time, namely, an early warning role, in view of this situation, this paper first discusses cable for long distance transmission engineering branch.

First, strengthen the core selection
Because of long distance, large span overhead cable, we first have to think of the cable to the tensile strength is big, in the common wires, we will use the steel wire as core, but in recent years the steel strands as drawbacks to strengthen the core has become increasingly prominent, such as weight, poor corrosion resistance; the study of detection, we finally chose to carbon fiber rod as the core, the carbon fiber core has the following advantages:
1 high strength. Under the same section, carbon fiber plug is two times as strong as steel core, and quality is the steel core 1/3 times;
2 corrosion. Carbon fiber mandrel is used as insulating material, any reaction with aluminum conductor can not, to avoid the power wire and the electrochemical corrosion problems;
3 low cost. Because the intensity is high, can increase the laying span, reduce the number of poles, improve the efficiency of laying construction, reduces the cost, the total tower accessories cost.
However, carbon fiber core has its drawbacks, most notably its radial compressive capacity is relatively low, and ordinary round aluminum wires twisted together, after pressing can easily cause carbon fiber mandrel radial "crack", and ultimately affect the strength, so in the design we adopt the following structure.
The structure, not only can reduce the radial core strengthening of carbon fiber pressure, also can be in the same diameter of increasing the filling coefficient, increase the load flow.

Second, the light unit
    It mainly depends on the optical fiber unit to transmit signals intelligence 11kv cable 240mm, to sense the change of temperature of insulator, so the fiber to determine intact. The light unit we used for stainless steel tube, mainly because this structure can be filled ointment protect optical fiber is not affected by corrosion, and can provide larger excess length of fiber, and fiber to provide radial compressive protection, because the stainless steel tube and wire surface contact does not produce potential difference, so there is no need to consider the occurrence of corrosion. However, when the conductor is copper, stainless steel pipe to be coated with a layer of copper layer, to eliminate potential difference.

Third,Select insulation
For the overhead insulated cables, plays a very important role in the insulation, the commonly used insulating material has PVC and polyethylene insulation can not meet the long-term sunshine, acid and alkali conditions, so the intelligent cable should be used in radiation cross-linked polyolefin, this insulation material has good heat resistance, insoluble, does not melt, not burning, high mechanical strength, thermal deformation, cracking resistance and excellent performance.

Fourth,The structure and analysis of finished
In this design, we'll use aluminum or aluminum alloy conductor.

The reason for this structure:
(1) stainless steel pipe is circular, so the outer aluminum conductor can also use a circular structure, and stranding can not be pressed;
(2) the optical unit optical fiber to temperature monitoring insulation, so the light unit should be in the outer layer and the insulating contact, time to monitor the insulation temperature;
(3) the inner profile of the carbon fiber core is also a kind of protection, and improve the carrying capacity of wire.
With the increasing level of industrial automation, the amount of overhead cable is increasing, the probability of occurrence of cable fire accidents also increases. At present, the traditional cable used as power transmission, in this paper combined with the application of this intelligent aerial cable and background software, can change timely induction insulation temperature, conductor tension, also make the alarm to remind, on line played the role of protection, at the same time, the intelligent aerial cable is a composite structure, but also avoid the the two construction, saving cost. With the depth of the intelligent, I believe the demand for this cable will increase.

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