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How to prevent the rubber sleeve cable conductor oxidation

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-01-23

  General rubber sheathed cable with 5 kinds of copper conductor as a conductor, in its production process, often find that the oxidation of copper conductor discoloration, which seriously affect the quality of the products, become a difficult technical problem of many domestic cable manufacturers.

  Copper is a transition metal, easily by oxygen in the air at acidic conditions oxidation into black CuO. When the copper conductor surface film of water or water, because the atmosphere contains a large amount of dust, smoke, coal, automobile exhaust, chloride and other acid, alkali, salt particles such as dust, these harmful substances dissolved in water or water can be formed in the membrane, electrolyte, oxidation discoloration exacerbating copper conductor. It may affect the appearance of the product quality and the quality of the products, or affect the use of copper conductors, resulting in the cost of production waste. Therefore, the copper conductors must be properly kept, pay attention to prevent discoloration.

  Cable with copper from the principle of speaking includes physical barrier copper contact with moist air cathode protection, oxidation reduction method to prevent copper conductor oxidation, chemical methods to prevent oxidation in the generation of copper conductor surface passivation film, or protected in the conductor surface spraying special liquid. The general rubber sheathed cable production as an example, each procedure main oxidation process control.

1, the copper rod into the plant before transport, detection and storage

  Most of China's enterprises to use copper cable is purchased, should choose the high quality metal copper rod, standard suppliers transport, delivery process and system, copper rod into the factory inspection in accordance with GB/T 3048.2 or cable business enterprise standard implementation. Copper rod storage use plastic cloth or plastic film covered copper rod, namely physical barrier method is the most simple to prevent the copper rod and the damp air contact. The workshop brought by copper rod must be individually copper rod coil were examined macroscopically whether blackening phenomenon, be controlled from the source of production.

2, copper rod wire drawing process Control

  Drawing 0.4mm monofilament is generally used copper rod drawing machine in continuous annealing and drawing machine, need to pass line, drawing and annealing, cooling, drying, winding process. First of all, we should select the appropriate die, must not be too small, otherwise it will force the lattice variant copper, sharply increased metal temperature. Secondly, check the emulsion pH value, that is alkaline solution, and adding antioxidants drawing oil, the passivation film formed on the surface to prevent oxidation, copper conductor; on line, keep tension stability, uniform, not excessive fibrillation; operation drawing process should ensure that appropriate water level, guarantee annealing uniformity, avoid insufficient or excessive annealing annealing; wire, copper conductor surface should not have residual liquid, can be placed in a dry felt in line ahead of (often change), to ensure the monofilament drying. Finally, with transparent plastic film in the footwall drawing after sealing, stored in a dry environment, to transfer, or because of the risk of conductor surface temperature is higher and the easy and wet air oxidation.

3, copper stranding (strands) and insulating rubber, rubber extrusion process

  With copper wire twisted as an example, the conductor in the stranding process, through the die so that the metal copper lattice structure change, in a strong external force, a mould copper conductor temperature is too large to improve model, so the copper conductor outer oxidation. It can be in the ground and in the process of transfusion hose to the antioxidant (0.3% of benzene and three triazole alcohol solution) drops into the copper wire, drip into the standard to just infiltration copper surface shall prevail, avoid the local oxidation have too little or too much waste phenomenon, in all the anti oxidation preparation work steady, and then boot operation. The line should guarantee the take-up reel drying, take-up reel filled, sealed with transparent plastic film.

  Conductor extruded insulation should be vertical bag or wrapped with polyester belt, corrosion of conductors placed rubber insulation materials. Rubber insulation and sheath rubber in the extrusion process, should avoid thread inlet, and the occurrence of thrum oxidized black phenomenon.

  We observed in daily production, through the selection of high-quality copper rod, effectively control the drawing process and the emulsion concentration and temperature, annealing process, conductor strand or strands of wire surface passivation treatment and prevent thrum water means, in addition, the operators should establish quality awareness, strengthen business training, adverse consequences can clearly recognize the copper oxidation brings, strict quality control, quality can effectively control cable with copper conductor, prevent oxidation, which greatly improves the work efficiency, reduce rework frequency, thus reducing into the beneficial effects of and improve the intrinsic product quality.

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