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Aluminum alloy cable service life

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-14

1,There are two main parts: conductor corrosion chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion;

The chemical etching: refers to the metal in the atmosphere with oxygen, chlorine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide gas do use corrosion.
Effect on metal surface and oxygen, generating different metal oxides.
Surface protective film of aluminum oxide can form dense with certain hardness.
Iron oxide structure loose, easy to fall off, and continue to spread to the inner metal infiltration, destruction, material.
Copper oxide known as Pseudomonas, between the above two, is a toxic substance.
The electrochemical corrosion of metal and medium composition: refers to the original battery, the formation of the corrosion process of metals, when two different electrode potential of the metal phase connection, between which there is water or other electrolyte, between two kinds of metal will produce current form a primary battery, wherein a metal in a positive potential, another in the negative potential, at a negative potential metal constantly in ion state through the electrolyte to metal accumulation in a positive potential. In the negative potential of metal gradually loss and damage, the formation of electrochemical corrosion. The electrode potential difference of two kinds of metal is bigger, the stronger the electrochemical corrosion. The higher the temperature, the metal corrosion is more serious.
Different metals have different electrode potentials. Electrode potential order several metal used for metal (silver); Ag Cu (copper) Pb (PB) Sn (TIN) Fe (iron) Zn (zinc) A1 (al). Potential +0.8+0.334-0.122-0.16-0.44-0.76-1.33 electrode potential negative more metal, electrolyte ions to become stronger tendency, which is more susceptible to corrosion. The electrode potential of aluminum negative, but because the surface is often a layer of oxide protective layer, can improve the corrosion resistance.
Rare earth aluminum alloy material is added rare earth elements in the aluminum, it can rise to purify, improve the purity, fill the surface defects, grain refinement. To reduce the segregation, eliminate micro inequality caused by local corrosion, but also bring the negative shift of the electrode potential of aluminum, with sacrifice anode effect and excellent electrical properties, which can greatly improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum. For the C1- and the petroleum in the marine environment, the chemical environment of the S, H2S+C02, corrosion, this material has anticorrosive mechanism unique. Rare earth metal strong reduction with S, H2S, effective combination, the strong oxidation of C1- interaction, the formation of stable compounds (C1- and rare earth aluminum alloy to form stable coordination compounds), the oxidation reaction and reduction process of organic unity, interaction, the cut-off of S, H2S corrosion damage caused by oxidative activity, C1- and other corrosive media, thus completely solve the globally including USA including developed countries failed to solve the problem, the detection and the engineering instance data of Beijing General Research Institute for nonferrous metals such as national inspection department analysis shows that, in the chloride ion, seawater, marine atmosphere, salt fog environment (alternate), saturated HzS, sulfur and high temperature, under high pressure conditions, rare earth aluminum alloy corrosion rate is zero or almost zero.

2, the insulation part

The power cable ampacity is the maximum temperature, maximum current through the conductor. In the design and selection of cable, heat should make every part of cable loss will not exceed the maximum allowable temperature of the cable, in most cases, the transmission capacity of cable is determined by the limit of the cable the highest temperature, the maximum allowable temperature of cable, aging resistance mainly depends on the insulation material for cable heat, high working temperature, material aging will accelerate insulation, cable life shortening. If the cable in the allowable temperature above operation, the cable will 30 years safety work.
The XLPE is an acronym for the name of the English cross-linked polyethylene, polyethylene is a linear molecular structure, easy to deformation at high temperature. Crosslinked polyethylene process makes it into a mesh structure. This structure even at high temperature is the same with anti deformation ability is very strong.
Anti aging properties of the crosslinked polyethylene excellent and superior thermal deformation determined under normal operating temperature (90C) short fault (130C) and short circuit (250C) conditions can allow large current through. Because of its high operating temperature than 20C, with excellent thermal properties, aging resistance of insulation, greatly increased the life.

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