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Analysis of marine / Aviation Cable Material

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-08-16

With the wire and cable industry profit rate is the backlog of more and more serious, many have the strength of the cable production enterprises in succession transition toward the high-end product development, in recent years, we see our special cable market by the unprecedented attention. But also encountered insurmountable obstacles -- technical content is not high in the development process of cable materials special cable, cable manufacturing enterprises to meet the needs of. Can say, this has seriously hindered the cable manufacturing enterprises to the special cable market advance. Therefore, manufacturers need to increase R & D costs the same cable materials, solve the transformation and upgrading of cable production enterprises, for higher margin high-end cable market any menace from the "rear".

In recent years, ship industry, aviation industry has been rapid development, market demand, therefore, for the domestic cable industry, actively develop marine cables and aerial cable has always been of concern, therefore, the author will focus on ship cable and aviation cable expansion analysis.

The rapid development of China shipbuilding industry, brought great opportunities for the development of marine cable. Since 2013, the national express many of the shipbuilding industry concerns. The State Council has issued a "ship industry to speed up structural adjustment and promote the transformation and upgrading of the implementation plan (2013-2015)", then, the national development and Reform Commission their own interpretation of the "scheme" is given, and a clear emphasis on "control expansion of production capacity, optimizing the structure of production capacity. Make full use of the backbone enterprises existing shipbuilding, ship repair, marine engineering equipment infrastructure capacity, resolutely curb the expansion of production capacity, eliminate backward production capacity, to resolve contradictions of excess capacity".

Marine electric wire and cable market demand huge space, and requires a lot of special wire and cable, relatively high added value, wire and cable enterprises to develop marine products are encouraging prospects. Wire and cable as the nerves and blood vessels, is directly related to the ship's safety, reliability, advanced and combat capability of the ship, put forward a very high request with cable technology, will accelerate the replacement of marine cable updates. Wire and cable as the nerves and blood vessels, is directly related to the ship's safety, reliability, advanced and combat capability. Various specifications of cable laying of modern ship accumulated dozens of kilometers, in Europe, the prevalence of tanker resort to stimulate the tankers, every ship must be insulated cable 1000 kilometers above laying, spread all over the ship. Under the excellent situation, our country marine cable enterprises should vigorously develop a technology, seize the opportunity, strive to shorten and the distance between the world.

Chinese has dozens of wire and cable enterprises with ship manufacturing capacity for cable companies, which have specialized production capacity of enterprises has nearly ten. However, although our country shipbuilding tonnage has entered the top second of the world, but the marine cable import situation is still very serious, so that the domestic marine cable companies in trouble. Now, Nike Ragnar intensify occupied China shipbuilding market, monopoly China marine cable market tendency is very obvious.

With the recovery of the industry, marine demand more and more of the cable, the development potential is great. Marine cable on the high technical requirements, therefore, the enterprise must strengthen the new technology investment. Special cable is different from the common cable, special cable technology development in China is not too long, this is caused by the lack of relevant professional field. At present, the civilian ship complies with the latest IEC standard completely with the flame retardant cable, low smoke halogen-free cable bundle combustion generally can reach the level a. The main insulation material is cross-linked polyolefin and ethylene propylene rubber, butadiene styrene rubber has eliminated natural. Some domestic cable factory to cable according to Holland standard manufacturing control and instrumentation.

While China's military ship cable standard USA military standard, General Electric Wire & cable military ships can domestic supply. Special deep longitudinal sealing cable has to break the conventional level, depth more than 600m. With high tensile strength sonar cable defense, also reached a high level.

In the wire and cable for aviation, the aviation cable has two series: one is the polyimide fluorine 46 composite film wrapped sintered insulated cable, mainly used for military helicopters, has made, taking into account the wire quality, composite film still imports. Another kind is irradiated crosslinking ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymer insulated cable, is a modern military and civil aircraft to use more varieties. Abbreviated X-ETFE insulated wire. Large military transport aircraft per aircraft line capacity of 7-8 tons. The proportion of X-ETFE is 1.73, the working temperature can be increased to 200 ℃, thin insulation structure of the single insulation thickness for 0.15mm, wire, light weight, relatively large current carrying capacity, chemical stability, electrical, mechanical and radiation resistant performance is excellent, and it is also one of the major varieties of aerospace use.

X-ETFE (X-F40) insulation aerial cable, manufacturing technology difficult. Almost every production process, there are some problems. For example: a single stranded, high precision, the outer layer does not allow jumper, otherwise the minimum insulation thickness will not qualified. Two, at present domestic non insulated supply of raw materials, imported from the DuPont Co or daikin. Three, at present domestic has not been solved sensitizers appropriate. Import sensitizer masterbatch particles, difficulties. While imports of refined particle material can be directly extruded and irradiation crosslinking, amazing price. Four, to develop raw material and mixing and granulating, have great difficulty in equipment and process. Five, wire and thin insulation extrusion is not easy to control, such as eccentric, stretching ratio. Six, need to study the ideal irradiation dose, to obtain the optimal degree of crosslinking. Seven, need to study after irradiation wire post processing conditions, otherwise, the electrical and mechanical properties, can not reach the standard.

In twentieth Century 50 years, China's manufacturing industry is backward, cable facilities are not professional, do not have the conditions for the formation of electrical equipment, wire and cable products. 60 years of compulsory implementation of the "plastic generation to lead" and "plastic rubber" and other measures, a strong impetus to the progress of technology, the categories of products began to form. In 90, the market economy matures, the demand of electrical wire and cable equipment increasing, the development of an independent categories of products and engineering facilities. Output ratio remained 25-30%. Now, as the main raw material for production of copper cable production -- the high, "to aluminum copper" or even "generation of copper to aluminum" growing louder, perhaps in the near future period of time, can truly realize the "Al generation copper", at that time, this will be a revolution in the wire and cable industry the.

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