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Analysis of the causes of power cable heating

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-07-03

Power cable will produce the phenomenon of fever passing by a certain load current.

The larger the load current, the higher surface temperature of the cable.If treatment is not timely, it may cause serious consequences.

Here are some analysis of the cause of heating cable:

1.Cable insulation performance is bad, cause the insulation resistance is small which can lead to a fever.
2.Joint manufacturing technology is unqualified, not enough pressure to close, cause whenelectrified resistance is too big, can also cause cable heating phenomenon.
3.Cable conductor resistance does not conform to the requirements, resulting in cable heating phenomenon in running.
4.Inappropriate cable wide choices, use the conductor cross section of the cable is too small, overload phenomenon. Long-term use can lead to the heating and cooling of the cable is not balanced.
5.Cable installation time arrangement is too dense, ventilation cooling effect is not ideal. Or a cable distance is too close to the other source of heat, affected the normal heat dissipation of the cable, can also cause cable heating phenomenon.

Above points are in favour of finding out causes and troubleshooting timely of the cable after heating phenomenon, avoiding unnecessary loss.

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