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BVV, BLVV sheathed wire arrangement of common sense

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-04-18

The main way of interior wiring sheath line usually porcelain (plastic) splint wiring, wiring, wiring board, groove porcelain sheath cable wiring, wire and tube wiring etc.. The lighting circuit is commonly used in porcelain cleat wiring, wiring and cable wiring groove plate; commonly used in power line is the vase wiring, cable wiring and conduit wiring. The vase wiring use less, use plastic board wiring and cable wiring.

Sheathing line is a dual core or multi-core insulated wires together, plus a double insulated wire plastic protection layer, and has the advantages of moistureproof, acid resistant, easy corrosion and installation etc.. Widely used in home, office and other indoor wiring. Plastic sheath wire generally used aluminum or plastic clip as support wire, directly laid on the wall surface of the building, sometimes also can be directly laid in hollow slab.

BVV, steps and process requirements of the BLVV sheath cable wiring

Draw a line positioning

A. determines the start and end position, use the bomb line bag line drawing.

B. aluminum sheet card position, between the requirements of aluminum sheet card for a distance of 150 ~ 300mm. In the 80mm away from the switch, socket, lamps, wooden platform 50mm and lead to turn on both sides, are required to set the aluminum sheet card fixed point.

Aluminum sheet card or plastic card fixing

Fixed aluminium sheet card or plastic card should be based on specific circumstances. The wooden structure, plastering layer wall, select the appropriate small nails or small cement nail can be aluminum sheet card or plastic card nailed; on the concrete structure, can use the small cement nail, also can use epoxy resin adhesive.

Laying wire

In order to make the cable laying too straight, can be at the ends of linear part of each a pair of porcelain cleat. On line, the first sheathing line end is fixed in the clip, and then straightened and at the other end to tighten the sheath line fixed on the other side clip, the sheath wires are clamped aluminum sheet card or plastic card. Sheathing line turn should be a small arc, at right angles to not force torque.

Steps and key process line pipe line

The selection of line pipe

Select the line pipe, usually according to the laying of places to choose line pipe type; according to the pipe section of wire and root number selection line pipe diameter.

Anti rust and paint

To prevent the line pipe in rust, before use should line tube antirust paint. The first tube, pipe rust, rust after the internal and external surface of the pipe coated with paint or asphalt. In the process of rust removing, should also be quality inspection line, ensure that no cracks, dented, tube without edge.

Saw pipe

According to the need of use, must be according to the actual need to cut off the line pipe. Cutting method is fixed with the pipe vices, and then saw sawing. When cutting, sawing port injection of a small amount of lubricating oil can prevent the blade overheating; pipe to flush, and file to gross defects.

Steel pipe threading and tapping

In tube wiring using line, sometimes need to be threaded between pipe and pipe, tube and junction box connection. Process for line pipe machining internal thread called tapping; process for line pipe processing thread is called the set of silk. Tapping and threading tool selection, operation procedure, process and operation notice shall be in accordance with the requirements of mechanical training.


According to the need for line laying, online tube change direction to will the tube bending. Angle of bend pipe should generally not be less than 90 degrees, the bending radius can be determined: Ming tubing should be at least equal to 6 times the diameter of the pipe mouth; dark tubing should be at least 10 times the diameter of the pipes.

Cloth tube

The processing is completed, should according to predetermined pipe line cloth.

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