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Cable conductor compression note connection

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-17

Cable conductor compression connection mainly includes the following three aspects:

1, the correct choice of connecting fittings. Connection fittings (including connecting pipe and a connecting terminal) size and material performance shall be in accordance with the cable conductor cross-section and crimping process requirements. The inner diameter of the pipe to be connected with the cable conductor diameters, used for connecting tube diameter than the pressing type is slightly smaller pressing type conductor.

2, crimping pliers and crimping mold to complete. The compression process is connected to the crimping pliers work pressure, connecting part of the connector and cable conductor to produce plastic deformation, resulting in its interface to form conductive pathway and have adequate mechanical strength. Crimping pliers rated pressure and rated capacity must be with the cable conductor material for cross-sectional area to adapt, crimping mold width to meet the interface requirements, crimping mold to be matched with the connecting pipe diameters.

3, the crimping process correctly. Crimp, should remove the connecting pipe and cable conductor contact surface oxide film, oil and conductor of semi conductive wreckage. The cable conductor is inserted into the connecting parts after rounding, insertion length should be enough, crimping sequence and each indentation spacing to meet the process requirements. Die closure in place should stay 10~15s to release. Crimp crimping surface shall be removed after burr. Point pressure indentation to fill and cover the metal shield.

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