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Cable demand increasing price competition be inopportune or inappropriate

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-05-08

With the development of routing technology, integrated wiring and cable as the field of security infrastructure products, gradually increasing the demand in the market, so many companies see business, have joined the cable production. Relevant data shows, our country greatly small cable companies have thousands, cable's GDP has exceeded USA, become the world's largest cable production country. It is understood, in 2015 the security plan in project planning, security products, the size of the total output value will reach 500000000000, video monitoring output will reach 110000000000. Increase research and development efforts, security cable products to meet the market demand of cable products, specification and cable industry is the domestic security cable manufacturing enterprise first needs to overcome the.

With the rapid development of the domestic security industry, cable as infrastructure products, demand is gradually increasing, some big cable manufacturers have expanded production capacity, but also because of the production and inspection of cable products are mostly fixed equipment, technical content is not high, some of the newly established small enterprises also have to join the security industry. Therefore, the growing competition in the market. In order to improve market share, access to certain living space, the vast majority of security cable manufacturing enterprises tend to adopt low-cost strategy. When the product sales price is close to or even lower than the actual cost of products manufacturing, some manufacturers in order to ensure profits, cost control, can in order to cut corners, lack of meters less code, crudely made and other ways to maintain the operation and production.

The international market cables required for production in recent years of rising raw material prices, but the domestic wire and cable products sales price rise is very limited. The formation of a small manufacturer price does not rise, quality declining, large manufacturers price increases, profits decrease, not only affect the normal operation and development of enterprise, the more harm to the healthy and orderly development of the real interests of domestic security industry security and the vast number of users.

Security cable products are the most direct users tend to be general security systems integrators and project traders. For some still in the early stages of development of integrators and project traders, the company scale is very limited, the management mechanism has yet to be further improved, in the procurement management products still exist some loopholes. Let some with personal or family members as sales & marketing or main cable manufacturers in the commission or return the form of sales means space, destroy the good market order.

Thankfully, some of considerable size and strength and has serious consequences of certain social responsibility of enterprises have been fully aware that this low-cost vicious competition to the security industry brought about by the. In the security cable products in the market sales, is promoting the plain code actual sales, although in a certain period of time may affect the enterprise sales profits and market space, but in the long run, this way to standardize the security market, the security industry in a healthy and orderly development of a positive promoting effect.

Security industry is an emerging industry in China, users and project developers in the purchase or construction process, the selection of equipment or other equipment attached great importance, but often neglect the quality or service cable products. Coupled with the intense price competition on the domestic security project bidding, the project developers in the purchase of cable products often consider price as the primary factor, special plus cable products, its quality and performance and the service life is need professionals or equipment to identify, which to a large extent it caused a certain proportion of unqualified products are widely used in all kinds of security system, some even national key project. Because of the problems or acceptance of work not through such events appear to be caused by the low quality and inferior security cable products engineering quality have occurred from time to time, and has a negative impact to the engineering business reputation, but also the user interests suffer losses.

In addition, security system wiring, cable products will generally use the pipeline or through the wall, not directly exposed to the outside, which belongs to the concealed work. If not the construction side, can not be directly from the surface of the merits of the observed cable. Even if is the construction side, but also to a large extent with the naked eye can not judge the cable is good or bad, need to use testing tools to test. Therefore, the harm is hidden certain. An important basis for product cable as running through the whole security system, we can not buy some unqualified products, so the harm caused by one can imagine, the security system is not good protection. Perhaps the late maintenance and chisel wall, not only caused economic losses, even relates to the user's personal safety.

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