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Cable materials R & D department should actively develop new cable material

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-05-20

Reports say, high pressure Chinese Electric Power Research Institute deputy director Zhao Jiankang said: "the cable industry innovation is more materials innovation, innovation is an insulating material, hope cable enterprise leadership can the static under heart to do the transformation and research".

Zhao Jiankang said, a few years ago, communication cable is very coarse, through technical revolution after the cable, communication cable with Cu core are eliminated. It could be possible in the field of power cables? Zhao Jiankang think it possible. He said, at present, 270 degrees below zero in some superconducting materials are able to use. Hope to be able to really find a material, can transmit energy very convenient, so, the structure will be the grid has a revolutionary change. Zhao Jiankang for example, wire can surface color understanding transmission capacity, can have a temperature sensing function, at different temperatures show different color transfer energy. Such as wire above 1000 Andouble, exceed the transport capacity, the wire color from white to any other color. If we can accomplish this on line operation of great help. Such as insulation, in case of discharge has the function of self recovery, by adding other materials, can the defect restoration. He said, hope that through the efforts of everyone can send out such products, this also to the upgrading of enterprises and innovation plays a big role.

In this regard, the cable industry insiders think, experts and professors are always speaks irresponsibly and sarcastically. For a long time, innovation in cable upgrade products, has been restricted by the cable material varieties and technical level. The cable industry's cable products manufacturing sector, rather than materials R & D department. Cable materials R & D is a professional business. In the cable industry, apart from a few large cable companies, cable manufacturers have scanty independent development ability of cable materials. China's chemical materials R & D department shall accept the lesson of 70-80's's development of crosslinking cable. The relevant departments of the state should be an urgent appeal materials R & D department actively for the cable industry research and development of new materials, to create the conditions for the upgrading of the cable industry products.

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