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Cable product development focuses on the "value"

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-06-05

There are two kinds of motive power of enterprise development, a kind of from inside, i.e. self planning and future expectations; an external drive, namely the market changes and customer requirements or habits. For many companies, in you is not strong enough, the best put one's heart and soul into to listen to customer needs, find the direction in the future from their choice. "See the needs of others, you have half the success; to meet the needs of others, you will be successful in all." This is the successful factor Arbud's celebrated theorem proposed. In this world, only when you know the needs of customers, your development can not good? The world's largest companies, not a sell only one type of product. Even if has done well, it will be the first time to capture customer needs, and meet. So, you'll find out a lot of new products is just some improvement, the grand debut. Rather, they are new at the show, as they are in a display of relate to customer attitude. China Merchants * * * * ad "because you and change", in a sense, is a creative advertising offers investment expectation * * * *. For the consumer, saw such ads, the heart is concerned, is warm, is respected. Innovation work to do is not a slogan, not two high-profile, work steadily, stand on solid ground to go forward, with the details, dedicated and professional to influence more people, and our customers to join innovation work. You're on your customer research more deeply, you will provide more accurate product and service, can reflect the value of technological innovation.

Innovation is not the invention, the invention is a technological breakthrough, the invention does not necessarily have the market, perhaps the market in the future, the future market can not solve the development problems of current enterprise. The innovation is the combination of new technology, new knowledge, new applications, new concepts, new technology integration, the combination of technical innovation integration triggering large-scale commercial applications. We always differentiation in said, difference of where you come from, you must be from the analysis of customer demand in the past. Innovation should have the difference, the difference is the core of enterprise competitiveness, comparative advantage is the biggest advantage. We are not all-around champion, so, every product can not meet all the needs, every innovation can't beat all the traditional. Is the one thing you can say you are most proud of, this is enough. On that point, is your core competitiveness.

Innovation must be subversive, destruction, beyond the concept, copy, create a new era of imitators will not. A new product from invisible to visible, from paper to the entity, the need for multiple modified lift, sometimes need to do subtraction, useless function design to lose excess, the shortened process; sometimes you need to add, add a slight additional performance requirements, can receive a "1+1>2" effect, the new concept of product enhancement. At the same time, innovation to establish the cost concept, should give full consideration to the design, implementation, security conditions, market application link, the preparatory work to do in front, to ensure that the one-time success. Sometimes, we don't have time to do it right the first time, but always have time to put things just go on and on. In management, if not firmly into the "front" in the "fast", the "bad" will always appear, and more and more difficult, even.

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