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Classification and management of electric power cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-06-07

Equipment grading can reflect the technology condition of equipment, and to strengthen the repair and improve the equipment, and can realize the timely elimination of defects, have very important meanings for improving equipment reliability.

The equipment classification, according to the main defects found in operation and maintenance, and combined with the preventive test results analysis, to determine the impact on the safe operation, and to consider the insulation level, technology management and safety management approved equipment.

Power cable equipment classification, according to the main power cable equipment characteristics, the power cable equipment grading is a kind of equipment, roughly two types of equipment and = equipment. In large, power cable lines of various circumstances, can also be considered in the insulation level of power cable line insulation rating, to determine whether the power cable insulation level on the safe operation of power cables influence.

(1) power cable equipment rating criteria and classification. The rating criteria: ① specifications can meet the requirement of practical operation, no overheating; ② no mechanical damage, grounding are correct and reliable; the good insulation, each test in accordance with the requirements of regulation; the power cable head no oil spills, leakage phenomenon, strange casing complete element damage; the power cable fixation and support intact; the power the laying of the cable channels and a middle joint position marked; the power cable head phase color and nameplate clearly correct; the technical data are complete and correct; a power cable pressure monitoring and the outer layer of insulation monitoring, to right action, good insulation.

A class of power cable equipment, after the test run, good condition, can ensure the power cable equipment safe power supply under full load.

Two types of power cable equipment, basic sound equipment, often can guarantee the safety of the power supply, but the individual components have a general defect, can only reach the rating criteria 1 ~ the request, for two types of equipment.

One or two types of equipment are complete equipment. Up to one or two less than the standard should be set for the three types of equipment, three types of equipment, is unable to guarantee the safe operation of equipment.

Huadong cable Co., Ltd remind everybody, complete equipment and in the percentage ratio of the total number of grading equipment, called equipment intact rate. Each power cable equipment grading should be power cable equipment unit, each unit level in general should be the unit in good condition to determine the component of the lowest. Generally the power cable, power cable, power cable protection device architecture, power cable grounding downlead, classified as a unit; the power cable, power cable, power cable tunnel shaft, cable conduit, classified as a unit. Power cable equipment grading should be carried out once every quarter, insulation level grading should be conducted at least once every half a year.

(2) rated insulation power cable. Considering the ease of operation and management of power cable line, each root of power cable insulation supervision must establish archives, it is also the technical department for an important basis and contents of insulation rating. Because the insulation breakdown caused by the fault of power cable lines is the majority, therefore strengthening insulation of power cable monitoring is particularly important. The power cable insulation rating is an important work of comprehensive evaluation of power cable insulation levels, according to whether the fault occurred on preventive test results and operation and. Rated insulation power cable, roughly divided into the following three categories:

A class of insulation: test project is complete, the qualified, no defect found.

Two kinds of insulating: leakage test project: minor or secondary project data is not qualified, and find out the insulation defects, but can be less safe operation or influence (such as leakage asymmetry coefficient is greater than the standard value).

Three kinds of insulating: leakage test projects or major item data is not qualified, and find out the insulation has a significant drawback, threat to the safe operation (such as voltage withstand test of flashover, leakage current and increased greatly, but does not exceed the test voltage).

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