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Control cable price calculation

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-28
Abstract: wire and cable knowledge - - Classification: mainly introduces the formula and the method of cost control cable, and the influence factors of fixed costs and other related knowledge points.

Control cable prices

Control cable price formula is as follows: X copper copper weight calculation: root number X0.89X wire through ÷ 2=1.25X1.25X3.14= square X wire copper processing fees at +10%.

Cost price calculation of control cable

Square X1.83= copper weight X at the time of the copper + armored price (weight X0.4 yuan / kg) = processing cost price +10%.

Cable price = cost + fixed costs of manufacturing material + tax + business cost + profit.

Making material cost = cost of material * (1+ materials) (material cost is calculated theoretical value).

Fixed fees according to each company's situation is different, generally including salary, wages, production management utilities, repairs, depreciation costs, rent, transportation costs.

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