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Copper core cable with aluminium core cable advantages of competition

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-04-01

Copper core cable than aluminium core cable has more advantage:

1 low resistivity: aluminium core cable resistivity than copper core cable is about 1.68 times.
2 good ductility: copper alloy ductility of 20~40%, electric copper extended at a rate above 30%, while only 18% of aluminum alloy.
3 high strength: normothermic allowable stress, copper aluminum respectively higher than 7~28%. Especially the stress at high temperature, their difference is very far.
4 anti fatigue: Aluminum repeated bending fracture, copper is not easy. Elastic index is higher than that of aluminum, copper is about 1.7-1.8 times.
5 good stability, corrosion resistance: copper oxidation, corrosion resistant, and susceptible to oxidation and corrosion of the aluminum core.
6 large carrying capacity: due to low resistivity, copper core cable with cross section to traffic load than the aluminum core cable allowed (the maximum current through the high around 30%).
7 voltage loss: because of low resistivity copper core cable is low, in the same section through the same current situation. Copper core cable voltage drop. Therefore, the transmission distance of the same, can guarantee voltage quality higher; or, conditions upon the permissible voltage, copper core cable transmission can reach the far distance, namely power supply large covering area, is conducive to the network planning, reduce the number of power points set.
8 low heating temperature: at the same current, heat quantity of copper core cable with cross section than the aluminum core cable is too small, make the operation more safety.
9 low energy consumption: due to the low resistivity than copper, aluminum cable, copper cable power loss is low, which is obviously. It improves the power utilization and Protect environment.
10 antioxidant, corrosion resistance: joint stable performance copper core cable, not accidents due to oxidation. Aluminium core cable joint instability often due to oxidation of the contact resistance increases, fever and accident. Therefore, the accident rate is much greater than copper core cable.
11 convenient construction: copper core flexible, curvature radius allowed small, so turning is convenient, easy to wear tube; anti fatigue, copper core repeated bending is not easy to break, so the wiring is convenient; mechanical strength to the copper core high, can withstand the mechanical force is larger, bring great convenience for laying construction, also created conditions for mechanized construction.
12 price: copper rod is 3.5 times the price of copper, aluminum rod proportion is 3.3 times that of aluminum, so aluminum core cable with copper core cable is cheaper than more, suitable for low capital project or the temporary use of electricity.
The 13 cable is light: aluminium core cable is the weight of the copper core cable 40%, construction and transportation are low cost.
14 antioxidant, corrosion resistance: Al reacts with oxygen in the air quickly produce a film, can prevent further oxidation, so the aluminum wire is required material for a high voltage, large cross section, long span transmission.

Despite the aluminum core cable and cheap, but copper cable in cable power supply, especially underground cable power supply field, has an outstanding advantage. Underground power supply copper core cable has the characteristics of low accident rate, corrosion resistance, high reliability, easy maintenance etc.. This is also the reason why the domestic underground cable power supply adopts copper cable.

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