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Custom cable diversification

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-25

From the simulated power and precision digital, signal, to the high pressure gaseous and liquid media, custom cable now almost no pass. Connect cable material is cable manufacturers can now provide all kinds of, from a variety of specifications of the traditional copper wire and fiber, all kinds of hose and duct, including carbon fiber and other semiconductor materials.

Made in the design of a special cable before a final decision, to do a little "shape matching" work. Including the usual question to be answered: "want to transfer some of what?" , "have what conditions?" "To complete the task, should use what kind of connection". In the optimization stage, but also consider the use of the environment, including electromagnetic interference may exist, mechanical stress effect (such as distorted and / or friction), chemical and / or high temperature damage.

One thin, twisted copper wire

In power transmission, conductive metal excellent (in most cases is usually copper) is preferred. It sounds easy, but, cable designers need to solve a lot of more specific questions. They are listed as follows: the product items clearly wire size appropriate and adequate for stranded wire twisted way, shares, coating, twisted pitch (stranding pitch), so as to choose can meet the electrical and mechanical requirements, the most economical and effective wire scheme, which is good or bad, the machinability of various wire should be to be considered.

In addition to the traditional use of copper wire, copper wire user custom cable can also use various with different coatings. Coating materials including tin, silver, lead materials can be all kinds of copper alloy, the cable can be used for applications requiring made connection with high mechanical strength. To make the final decision, the designer should not forget for a moment the final application: copper wire tin can resist the erosion of the connector, the welding is convenient; and the silver wires can withstand high temperature test, or RF transmission suitable for low loss.

A plurality of fine copper wire twisted wire suitable to continue to bear the cable mechanical stress. They are added after the insulation, but also closely tied together twisted into a cable beam, so that it can deal with large bending and torsional stress to be an easy job to.

In order to enhance the cable flexibility and life, people adopt multi strand stranded. Very fine wire strand comprises thousands of naked copper or tinned copper wire, copper wire to each share of fine AWG (American gauge) 40. The stranding method of high density, and the use of unique beam cable design, can make the outer diameter of cable customized decreased than that of standard 30~40% products. At present, the design target of high flexible cable diameter shrinking, is able to withstand 2000 5 millions of bending, but also can bear the small bending radius to the outer diameter of only about 5 times as big as.

Two, the high performance coaxial cable

The coaxial components customized for application of industrial automation, visual inspection or medical electronic connections in the. These applications have stringent requirements on real-time update video performance or high speed data without interference.

Coaxial cable, outer conductor with axis (shield) external electromagnetic fields can withstand a wide spectrum distribution, protection of the inner conductor without the interference. High performance coaxial cable frequency can be as high as GHz. In digital communication, connection of high bandwidth of cable can also ensure extremely low bit error rate even in a full EMI environment.

The outer conductor are often made braided shielding requirements, if abnormal strict, conductor layer is composed of multilayer materials. If you add a semiconductor layer in the conductor and dielectric layer, the noise signal can be suppressed greatly due to the movement of the cable.

In high frequency applications, will cause the attenuation of cable dielectric. Polyolefin (polyolefinic) and carbon chlorine group (Fluorocarbon) pure original formed of plastic material (pure virgin plastic) is not only a small dielectric loss, but also good processing, can be precisely extruded into the thin wall material.

The custom of coaxial cable foamed dielectric (the world only a few manufacturers can have such a process) can greatly reduce the weight of the cable, and ensure the signal transmission speed of up to 85% the speed of light.

Three, flexible polymer fiber and "invisible carbon wire"

In the high-speed data transmission applications, application of fiber optic components is growing. The flexible polymer optical fiber in the new requirements for connection of robot application line soft and flexible with strong competitiveness. Generally speaking, the fiber can provide a large bandwidth, which is the polymer optical fiber (POF) can not only for control is very simple and can be used for high frequency applications.
Excellent anti EMI ability and the signal transmission performance is extremely reliable is the two most prominent advantages of optical fiber. The fiber can ensure electromagnetic compatibility perfect without shielding, but to have them processed very carefully, and the cost is also very high interconnection.

"Semiconductor" wire cable is a very large interest. These cables are often made of a carbon material capable of signal transmission, small bandwidth and / or a small amount of electricity. Their uniqueness lies in the electromagnetic field on the external reflection free, can exhibit a kind of absorbent "stealth" effect. Because there is no back scattering (backscatter), very little interference effect of the incident field of foreign ministry. Because of the "invisible" characteristics of medical imaging equipment, semiconductor carbon cable suitable for application of high sensitivity.

Four,Hybrid cable with a variety of transmission capacity

Most special customized cable users need to various connecting medium mixed together, forming a single round or flat cables. Use separate "mix and match" method can be used for every kind of medium transmission "integrated" together: power lines, control lines, data lines (symmetric or coaxial transmission), air and / or fluid pipe and hose, optical fiber transmission and data and a reinforcement member etc.. Hybrid integrated cable less space required, and compared with the traditional cable installation more convenient.

Custom mixed cable for a specific application and special design and manufacturing, can be a variety of transmission elements mentioned above in the most integrated into a whole, and the final product is convenient and practical. This "one case one" method is the LEONI custom cable department recently launched a patented air guide - light guide cable, used in the operation of the robot. 3/8 polyurethane this Everything is contained therein. hybrid cable consists of a root to the gripper (PUR) pneumatic tube, two shares of optical fiber for high speed data transmission and five shares for electric power transmission and control of traditional thin wire strands. The external use of the strong to protect all the cable sheath, not subject to wear and tear. Finally, also designed a patent protection for this hybrid connector "Everything is contained therein." cable, can easily switch off and on all the connecting cables and medium (electric, air, light) transmission.

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