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Early application of aluminum conductor cable in the construction

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-04-11

After the Second World War, the copper resources are scarce, American began implementing the "Al generation copper" technology policy in electric field. Especially during the period of 1965-1971, use a large number of common pure aluminum core wire and cable in building wiring network. About 2000000 households have housing and garage installation of the aluminum core wire and cable. But because the aluminum core wire for use at the time and the copper terminal component mismatch in the electrical and physical properties, have been many building fire accident.

In 1974 April, New York occurred housing fire, 2 people were killed. Late on the night of May 28, 1977, USA Southgate Kentucky famous Beverly Hills Supper Club fire, 167 people were killed, 200 injured. This is the most serious America history third nightclub fire. The investigation found the fire department, the fire was due to the aluminum core power line plug from malnutrition, and found that many building fires are caused by aluminium core cable power supply system.

Americans are used to AA-1350 pure aluminum core building cable during 1965-1971 installation called "the old technology of cable", while the AA-8000 series aluminum alloy core cables during 1972-1975 installation called "new technology of cable". "Old technology" aluminum drawback: creep rate than the copper wire, cold flow and brittle than copper wire, thermal expansion coefficient larger than the copper, corrosion resistance is poor, the oxide film on the surface of the contact resistance to increase and cause local overheating, mechanical strength and flexibility than the copper wire, thus generating electrical connection point relaxation, overheat, electric arc and spark ignition of combustible material. "The new technology of cable" is specifically aimed at overcoming defects of "the old cable" and developed, have greatly improved than cable before 1972, but the coefficient of thermal expansion and the oxidation problem has not been completely eliminated.

According to America Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in 1974 3, April for a plurality of state city to do fire investigation [2], found that many fires are associated with aluminium core cable, socket or switch terminal overheating. CPSC also held by the user, in the cable industry, experimental research departments and government departments on behalf of the hearing, and commissioned by the National Bureau of standards and UL laboratory tests, the reason in order to deeply understand the cause building fire.

CPSC further investigation and confirmation, aluminium core cable system is the key to fire. The main reason is: the aluminum thermal expansion coefficient of copper terminals, resulting in relaxation, aluminum wire and a socket or switch between micro damage, arc, contact resistance is increased overheat and create a risk of fire (Figure). Aluminium core cable in use before 1972 manufacturing buildings, fire power plug, socket probability of 55 times the use of copper wire, electrical wiring, especially with small specifications single cable inside the building.

So, the CPSC issued a notice, aluminium core cable line in the building to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection, and provisions: from 1972, the aluminum core cable line only by specially trained, qualified electrician to check and repair the house; also must use the improved "new technologies and for the installation of cable" "the new technology of cable" specially developed CO/ALR socket. These important findings and rules, play an important role in promoting the construction of aluminium core cable technology and application.

The survey also found that the corrosion of building electrical wiring connections and connection problems. At the junction of the aluminum conductor surface oxide film removal is not clean, connecting equipment inappropriate, improper connections, will cause the local resistance increases cause local overheating. This is a technical problem need a cable and connector manufacturers jointly solve.
America before 1965 use aluminium core cable few buildings. 1965-1972 years, extensive use of aluminum core cable in the newly built, renovated, the decoration of the house, and thus exposed to a lot of cable technology and quality issues. Although CPSC find out the cause of the fire, banned the use of the old aluminium core cable and plug and socket, cable and plug socket manufacturers of products have been improved, but after 1972, unscrupulous dealer shelves or older cable, switch and socket Hawking, so there are some building fire accident report.

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