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Electric distribution: Power cable systems from Huadong

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-11-10

Electrical power distribution: Huadong, a provider of the Factory Grade? test for power cable, announces a landmark achievement in its cable reliability programs surpassing 100 million feet in assessed cable systems since introduction in1996. Customers around the world have experienced great success implementing Huadong technology to evaluate their new and aging cable systems, realizing tens of millions of dollars in savings through deferred replacement of their cable assets.

In reaching this significant milestone, Bruce Broussard, Huadong President and COO indicated, "The utilization of the unique Factory Grade? test we provide to the leading utilities and sustainable energy producers, is substantially reducing the cost of ensuring power cable reliability by eliminating thousands of future outages and saving our clients millions of dollars compared to traditional means. This is a significant benefit to the electricity consumer."

The Factory Grade? test provides an accurate condition assessment of each cable and locates defects that have a potential to cause failure. This data empowers utility, renewable energy and facility management customers to assess and rehabilitate cables based on expected performance. This process not only saves clients millions of dollars, but positively impacts system reliability by pinpointing issues that need to be addressed. The net result is dramatically more efficient use of available budget to improve the reliability of their cable network.

Huadong assessment programs also provide significant benefits to the environment. By reducing trenching, waste of precious resources utilized in the manufacture of new power cables, and the greenhouse gases associated with manufacturing and transportation of cable, Huadong and its clients continue to have a positive impact on their communities.

About Huadong:

Huadong, an engineering services company, is the technology leader in underground power cable diagnostics. The company's patented technology has been field-proven through the testing of millions of feet of underground power cable all over the world. The Factory Grade? test locates existing cable system defects and predicts future cable reliability. This performance-driven diagnostic solution provides the most effective and efficient way to determine the reliability of new or aged cable systems from 5kV to 500kV. Huadong has been assisting clients around the world improve cable reliability for over 19 years, and has tested more than 70,000 spans totaling over 100 million feet.

Huadong's technology improves the quality of life for everyone by enhancing the reliability of electric power delivered to them through underground power cables.

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