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Environmental protection cable and material development

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-04-22

Haze frequently, environmental problems caused extensive attention all over the world. Domestic and foreign cable companies have to change the concept of development, to join the environmental protection R & D, wire and cable and environment-friendly cable material production line.

Environmental protection cable

General cable to the green environmental protection cable Market

The world's third largest cable manufacturers American general cable (Chinese) announced a few days ago, the world's de alloy 4 aluminum alloy cable products through the EU "on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment", namely the RoHS instruction, a cable companies through the certification of the national minority. This shows that the Shide alloy aluminum alloy cable products not only in the raw materials, spare parts to achieve the standard of environmental protection, but also realize the green environmental protection requirements in the whole production process and process management.

Hengdeli isolation environmental protection cable to help reduce carbon emissions

American Hengdeli (Hendrix) wire cable company is a manufacturer of high quality overhead distribution of underground cables and suppliers. Recently, the company announced it was isolated by the cable system to supply a set of green environmental protection solution for overhead distribution lines.

The laying of Hendrix isolation cable system will facilitate the distribution line, the construction personnel without much damage to vegetation area can operate. It is reported, each year for every mile of reducing the removal of vegetation 20 feet can help the atmosphere to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 6.5 tons.

In the environmental protection type cable patented concentric cable

Recently, Jiangsu environmental protection type cable Limited by Share Ltd in concentric cable and ABC overhead insulated cables two project, the utility model patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property office.

Environmental protection type concentric cable in cable products R & D and production company, conductor are concentric distribution, cable gapless, less production procedure, convenient laying, and in accordance with the provisions of the EU RoHS environmental protection standard, the environmental problems have become increasingly prominent today, environmental protection type cable to the ecological environment protection and safety features, by the market increasingly optimistic about the development potential can not be belittled.

Jiangsu Zhongchen aluminum alloy conductor environment-friendly power cable through the identification of fire

Recently, the Jiangsu provincial economic and Information Technology Committee held in Jiangsu Zhongchen Cable Co., appraisal, the company independently developed the rated voltage of electric railway 27.5kV single-phase AC power cables with cross-linked polyethylene insulation, rated voltage of 0.6/1kV oil platform with mud resistant cable, rated voltage of 0.6/1kV aluminum alloy conductor fire with environment-friendly power cable and other new products 3 through the identification of. Expert group on the Identification Commission by the Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute experts.

Anhui Huadian cable development of high performance and environmental protection special cable

Recently, Anhui Huadian cable company developed high-tech environmental protection special wire and cable, the cable at the time of the fire, can delay the combustion speed, flame retardancy, in the combustion process is only released a little smoke and no halogen gases, halogen gas is corrosive, toxic, it is in fire equipment and facilities to provide effective guarantee for the normal power supply, so that people have enough time to escape and rescue, has good holding line complete performance.

LS Hongqi Cable launched environmental protection type power cable

Recently, the Hubei Yichang LS Hongqi Cable announced, the core technology provided by the Korean LS cable, the company officially launched the environmental protection type power cable -Zelos. Using PO to replace the original general Zelos cable cable PVC material. Its characteristics, first than PVC cable fire, not easy to burn, smoke less, white, it is beneficial to the security personnel to the fire scene evacuation. Secondly, in the combustion can reduce the number of harmful CO, HCI, SO2 and other toxic gases, reducing the mortality of asphyxia, but also avoids the gas to high electronic equipment and equipment damage fault accident.

Environmental protection material

Guangdong Huada cable into the new material heavily in research and development of environmental protection

A few days ago, Guangdong Huada cable limited company responsible person Jing Zhongjian said in an interview with the media, the primary technical conditions for environmental protection type cable is a non halogen low smoke, does not contain heavy metals, non pollution, but the waste treatment and recycling is a very important.

The responsible person said, Huada cable annual sales of 20% funds for R & D, try to cooperate with feed manufacturers, to meet customer needs in the detection methods and technology, developed in line with the requirements of the new environmental protection material of wire and cable.

Jiangmen Tianrun chemical R & D a new non-toxic environmentally friendly plasticizer

Recently, this print from the just concluded the fifth (2014) of rubber and plastic cable new material new technology peak forum application meeting got the news, Jiangmen Tianrun Chemical Co., Ltd. developed a new type of non-toxic environmentally friendly plasticizer --TRFZ-2610, TRFZ-2730, TRFZ-2850.

This product by the Soochow University health and Environmental Technology Research Institute testing, TRFZ series of plasticizer and excellent comprehensive properties, can be as plasticizer, can also be used with other varieties of complex product market; good biological safety detection, by the Soochow University, has no biological toxicity (actually no virus), SGS certification, through the Reach, RoHS regulations.

Nanjing Haizhao research and development of new products of non halogen flame retardant

Held in March 6th fifth (2014) of rubber and plastic cable new material new technology peak forum application meeting, Nanjing sea trillion of new material limited company responsible person introduced the R & D of new products -- high phosphorus flame retardant DP-308.

DP-308 is the company for 3 years and the professional fire retardant factory to cooperate in the development of novel solid phosphate flame retardant. The advantages of DP-308: easy to disperse, easy to add, easy measurement, no pollution; relatively higher molecular weight, good thermal stability, not easy to volatilize, not easy to change; compound product and polyphenylene ether for cable, not easy to cause precipitation, frost, not easy to produce cable stress rupture.

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