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Fire rating of communication cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-01-22

Application of structured cabling system, cable is often bundled, tied into laying together. For these cables, we should not only focus on its transmission characteristics, but also focus on the fire properties, fire fiercer than tigers! So, fire rating of the cable by what criteria to determine, what grade?

Many regulations and standards related to fire in the world, but followed, in cabling industry the most cited to the relevant provisions of clause 800 of ISO/IEC 60332 and NEC. They were on fire, communication cable combustion index and test method are defined. Detailed strict.

IEC 60332 is the electric cable test specification in the fire. This test is used to control the fire spread, is not only suitable for PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sheathed cable, also applies to the LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) sheath of a cable. IEC 60332 IEC 60 332-1 and IEC 60 and 332-3 two series of standards. 332-1 refers to a single cable vertical burning test procedures; 332-3 is on the procedures for the determination of cable vertical when burning. Obviously meet 332-3 standards for flame-retardant level higher than 332-1. Also in the 332-3 series from high to low 332-3-22, 332-3-23, 332-3-24 and other detailed standards, respectively corresponding to A, B, C and so on level. Sometimes we can see a marked with IEC 60 332-3C cable, flame retardant level is in conformity with the provisions of IEC combustion test of 60 332-3-24. (332-2 is for a single small cable vertical burning test specification).

Of course for the LSZH cable, also usually require the other two tests: IEC 60 754-2 (content for testing, inspection of combustion gas toxic halogen) and IEC 61 034-2 (smoke density test). Through the corresponding standards can be called LSZH cable. LSZH and flame retardant level are two completely independent concepts, not be confused.

NEC 800 requires all installed in the building communication cable must meet 4 fire safety requirements, at the same time marker line printing appropriate explanation Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for the inspection of a cable with NEC standard testing procedures for the development, respectively, from high to low: UL 910, UL 1666, UL 1581. Cable marking and testing procedure corresponding to the following table:

Communication cable fire rating label Standard Practice for testing UL
CMP UL 910
CMR UL 1666
CMG/CM UL 1581 SEC.1164/11160
CMX UL 1581 SEC.1080

For the convenience of memory and understanding, we in CMP, CMR, CMG/CM, CMX four levels for further explanation.

CMP CM Communication, a communication cable (the same below); P is the first letter of the Plenum, Plenum refers to the pressure ventilation pipe. That is to say, the cable marker CMP can be installed in the pressure ventilation tube or other environmental air circulation space; even in the wind to help the fire environment, fire retardant CMP cable is also guaranteed. So CMP is the highest level of flame retardant cable.

CMR R refers to the Riser, namely the shaft. The CMR cable in vertical installation, such as in a shaft arrangement, it has the flame retardant properties, which can prevent the cross layer flame spread. Fire retardant level CMR below the CMP, if the CMR cable to go line in the air pipe, it must be placed in a metal tube.

CMG/CM G refers to General, general purpose say. In addition to pressure ventilation pipe, shaft, CMG/CM cable can be used anywhere in the building. As the CM level to level cable wiring; in the same layer buildings, they can be made into beam laid open trays. If the metal tube, CMG cable can also be placed in the pressure ventilation pipe and vertical wells.

CMX X refers to the Dwellings, which is used for residential (Home Furnishing) communication cable. In Home Furnishing wiring in the cable, usually in the pipeline, and often a single installation. It is not difficult to understand, single cable combustion and bunched cable who are easier to fire spread. So the CMX cable is more than CM cable cable fire lower level, is the lowest level of fire safety in all the cables.

Similarly, fire retardant cable branch corresponds to a level OFNP, OFNR, OFN; however, no OFNX, this easy to understand.

As for the specific test methods and standards of flame retardant level, this paper not one one of them, friends who are interested can refer to the standard.

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