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Green building may lift the environment-friendly cable technology revolution

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-04-02

Today's energy issues become increasingly protruding, energy conservation has become an unavoidable topic in work, life. After the March 16th "national model town planning" officially released, the green building industry is concerned. Government through financial subsidies China full speed development of green building, show the country officially sounded the development of green building in China. Large artery as building wire and cable, speed up development of green building or will spur a wave of research and development of green environmental protection building wire and cable boom.
Green building refers to the whole life cycle of the maximum energy saving, saving and water saving, material saving, Protect environment and reduce pollution, provide health, application and efficient use of space for the people, and the natural harmonious coexistence of architecture.

The construction industry is a big energy consumer in all industries, and super high-rise building high-rise buildings need to use more energy consumption 25%~30%. Through the application of new energy-saving technology, which can effectively reduce energy consumption, greatly reduce or eliminate the negative impact on the environment, in the energy-saving technology and green building, pay more attention to the protection and utilization of ecological environment, sustainable development.

Large artery as building wire and cable, the green environmental protection is also important. The life of the building in 70 years, while the ordinary wire and cable life of only 25 years, wire and cable part exceed the service life of the easy to aging, there are potential safety hazard, endanger personal safety. The electrical properties of wire and cable, to reach the green environmental protection, safety, energy saving and durable and many other effects become the direction of R & D cable manufacturers.

Study on the architectural design of Tongji University (Group) Limited Deputy Chief Engineer Xia Lin pointed out, energy-saving design of wire and cable in green building mainly consider the following two aspects: 1, according to the economic density selection cable and wire section, reduce the annual loss, the use of life cycle into the province; 2, flexible and convenient wiring (office overhead the floor), to meet the different needs of the tenants, to avoid a repeat of the wiring a lot.

"Cable products can be used in the project, basically depends on the installation enterprise. Wire and cable manufacturing enterprises need to establish close links with the installation enterprise." Chinese installed president of the Association for intelligence and fire protection engineering branch Chen Xiao 25 to accept the cable network (cableabc) said when interviewed by reporters, even if the owner has determined cable brand, but the price of the products, services, must also meet the requirements of installation enterprise.

With the energy-saving emission reduction, energy-saving concept increasingly win support among the people, the development of green building is represent the general trend. Large artery as building wire and cable, the development of green building will promote the new stage of building into a green, environmental protection development with the line.

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