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HVDC transmission project is the development of manufacturing technology of high cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-04-10

With the Nan'ao multi flexible HVDC project scene commander gives the order, Nanaodao Green Bay, Taurus two converter station and Shantou plastic city Chenghai district station completed three end production start, this marks the China Southern Power Grid to capture the multiterminal HVDC control and protection problems of the world, to become the world's first fully master the design, more flexible HVDC equipment testing, debugging and running the full range of the core technology of the enterprise, and built the world's first multi terminal HVDC project, has the epoch-making significance in the history of the development of Chinese and world power.

This means that, ± 160kV XLPE Cable Technology Co., Ltd. Zhongtian developed for multiterminal HVDC project Nan'ao insulating fiber composite DC submarine cable and ± 160kV XLPE insulated DC land cable also officially put into operation, to accept the test of long-term operation.

In fact, the quality control of DC submarine cable and its accessories is a key part of the flexible HVDC converter station reliability, the design technology, even if be accomplished, no cable will be connected with the mainland is unable to realize the technology Island, landing.

But the high voltage DC cable and its accessories is technology in today's world and cable manufacturing, this project before, domestic R & D and manufacturing units are not capable of producing qualified submarine cable. Europe and Japan, the company has submarine HVDC cable R & D technology, but they offer is 3-4 years of R & D and delivery cycle, with a series of economic and technical constraints.

Relying on Nan'ao multiterminal HVDC engineering technical conditions required by the DC cable, ZTT group chief engineer, director of the Institute Professor Xie Shuhong cable engineering lead, combined with China Southern Power Grid Research Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute senior technical experts of the joint R & D team focused heavily, development and testing of ± 160000 V DC cable. R & D team after less than half a year of hard, gradually overcome the thickness of insulation design, space charge inhibition, uniform electric field distribution, plant soft joint and a series of technical difficulties, finally ushered in the fruits of victory, ± 160000 V DC cable (land cable + cable) and accessories (terminal + connector) samples by type the test of national quality supervision and Inspection Center for electric wire and cable, through the China power enterprise union product technical review meeting. Think of China Academy of Engineering Lei Qingquan, Zhongtian Technology developed DC cable products to fill the domestic blank, comprehensive technical performance has reached international advanced level. At the same time, it also means that our country mastered the HVDC cable technology research and development, in the field of high voltage direct current cable to break the blockade of foreign technology.

In engineering commissioning ceremony, general manager of Zhongtian Cable Technology Co., Ltd. Xue Jianling said, Zhongtian Technology successful Nan'ao multiterminal HVDC flexible engineering required submarine DC cable and terrestrial DC cable, after no tension continuous production time of half an year, smooth delivery of shipping to the construction site, construction installation, debugging, thus successfully put into operation. Zhongtian cable technology company staff are looking forward to, also very proud to participate in such technology demonstration project has epoch-making significance in.

In fact, from system research, design, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, construction, operation and commissioning on site, the Nan'ao soft straight engineering chose the production, learning and research, integrated research methods, research institutions, universities, design, manufacturing ability, transmission technical problems to overcome the multiterminal DC flexible.
This means that China has become the world's first multi HVDC flexible technology investment for engineering application state.

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