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Hard PVC sheathed termite resistant cable is incorporated into the water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Standard

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-04-12

The Ministry of water resources, the "water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering cable design specification", the clear demands on termite resistant cable proposed regulations ", the severely damaged area in termites, buried, should adopt the rigid PVC sheath and steel tape armored cable".

The use of other physical or chemical method ant proof cable did not specify the standard, but the use of hard PVC termite resistant cable, quite afford much food for thought.

As everyone knows, the physical law of the termite resistant cable, mainly using modified hard polyolefin materials, such as Termigon (back pest control); and chemical termite resistant cable, mainly is used to add the termite agent polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene material.

Termigon ant prevention effect is good, but the price is high; and chemical anti termite ants feeding period, are still not certain period. Practice has proved, PVC termite resistant cable to good effect, and low price of materials, it is suitable for the large volume of water conservancy and hydropower projects, and termite is valid and plastic life.

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