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Helpful information for aluminium alloy cables

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-05-23

The current domestic production line of aluminum alloy armoring machine equipment is different, import, imitation of imported technology, domestic equipment. Current situation of armored equipment imports are, in the selection of equipment for non aluminum alloy cable production experience and considering the equipment investment, failed to choose the most advanced. Or imported second-hand equipment. Or import of the host, in order to save investment, supporting the tooling at home, not to the properties of imported equipment. In the production equipment of armored products are unable to achieve the America technology standards. Product peak, bending performance is poor, between the armor and armor is on the structure, do not American standard hook structure, compressive ability is poor, easy to take off armour. As for the imitation of imported technology, armored equipment made in China, because the technology is not advanced, not mature, production is one can imagine the armor.

At present, the best USA UMI aluminum alloy cable armoring machine production line is Canada introduced the world's most advanced Kalmuck (KALMARK) chain armoring machine production line, on the basis of aluminum alloy USA technology standard developed with interlocked armored cable, the peak density, good bending performance, the between layer and layer of special structure can ensure that the chain the cable is subjected to strong outside force damage, even if the cable subjected to external pressure and external large impact force, armor layer can also protect the electrical properties of insulation layer. The domestic only imported Kalmuck (KALMARK) chain armoring machine production line is the production chain armoring machine line at present domestic most advanced performance, aluminum alloy sheathed cable products are the most outstanding.

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