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How in the submarine cable laying

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-26

According to the introduction, in charge of submarine cable laying is a special "ship", and this ship is currently the world's only two. The responsible for the Qiongzhou Strait submarine cable laying vessel is born in Norway.

Each submarine cable length of about 32 km, no joint, when laying the cable to cable laying the one-time completely to the bottom of the sea, the entry angle and laying tension control by control cable laying vessel, cable release speed, avoid the bending radius is too small or large tension damage cable.

Laying, laying ship in the sand and silt area, high pressure water to form a about 2 meters deep trench, cable buried in them, which are then covered with next to the sand, to protect the cable purposes; in the coral reef and clay area, cutting a 0.6-1.2 meters deep groove cutting machine use, then the cable buried trench, then covered with cement cover plate and other hard objects of protection.
The cable will be corrosion at the bottom of the sea?

Relevant personnel said, laying submarine cables in cable 32 kilometers from Norway, make smooth reading, no interface, cable production after requirements processes more than 10 continuous production, especially the wrapping paper insulation layer, the calculation is very precise, the lead alloy sheath 32km intermediate cannot break or pause. The cable is composed of 15 layers, in addition to the outer protective layer, and the coating layer, mothproof, can guarantee the safe operation of the cable on the seabed for decades.

Passing ships would damage the cable?

The Qiongzhou Strait is China's golden waterway, every passing ships countless, cable ships will destroy the submarine? According to the relevant personnel introduces, the protection of submarine cables from the construction period began.

According to the introduction, the 3 cable laying and cover to protect time needs about 100 days. Prior to this, the sector has been well fishery compensation, sea route cleaning, bed excavation, ship navigation information, safety monitoring work. In the laying of submarine cables in the process, will be 24 hours on-site monitoring and warning, in order to effectively guarantee the construction safety and interference of ship construction from foreign ship, submarine cable safety protection.

In addition, the relevant statistical data shows that, more destruction in 80% submarine cables, cable or pipeline from anchor pests. To this end, the Hainan interconnection project of cable laying is completed, the Power Grid Corp will be in accordance with the relevant state provisions for the establishment of the fishing ban anchor zone, Hainan maritime bureau, province ocean and piscatorial hall parties will do a good job of daily monitoring and security cable channel, ensure that the cable to avoid anchor pests.

According to estimates, cable once damaged, the professional ship need foreign to the scene to repair, will lead to nearly 200000000 yuan of economic losses, but also repair period of up to 3 months.

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