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Huadong electric welding machine cable inspection specification

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-19

Huadong cables are the use of advanced production technology, through the strict standard review, to ensure the cable of high quality, and then sell to the whole world, here is a standard Huadong cable cable storage:

One, scope of application
Incoming inspection specification for various electric welding machine cable in the company using the.

Two, inspection tools
vernier calliper tape megger withstand voltage tester double bridge

Three, inspection plan:
According to the GB/T2828.1 AQL=4.0 general inspection level inspection.

Four, the examination content
1 visual inspection
Check the cable insulation damage 1.1, no crack, surface bubbles and mark clear, correct type.
1.2, check the cable inner conductor without oxidation and corrosion phenomenon.
2, the appearance size
2.1, use tape to measure the dimensions of cable is correct.
2.2, micrometer caliper measuring cable of each wire diameter, then calculate the conductor cross-sectional area of, square and then multiplied by the total root number is cable cable wire size number.
3, insulation resistance
Use megohmmeter to measure the cable conductor and the insulating layer (outsourcing metal) insulation resistance value of not less than 25000000000000 ohms.
4, dielectric strength
Use the tester to the cable conductor and the insulating layer (outsourcing metal) by applying the 1000VAC, the leakage current of 10mA, duration 5S, no breakdown and the flicker phenomenon.

Five, determine:
According to the detection of electric welding cable parameters of normal as qualified, otherwise not qualified. Failed by the quality control department issued the "incoming inspection feedback sheet" to warehouse processing. As for batch unqualified, the warehouse according to the quality control department issued the "incoming inspection feedback sheet" fill in "the return of single" backspace supplier.

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