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Integrated wiring: understanding fireproof cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-13

People often say Fire and water have no mercy., ever since man discovered fire, the fire not only accelerated the development of human civilization, but also to the human civilization has brought destruction, many ancient civilizations were destroyed by fire. Similarly, the fire can burn the integrated wiring system, the network transmission interruption. At the same time, if the cable produce large amounts of toxic gases and soot in the combustion process, it will have a great effect on the evacuation, and even become the hidden trouble of safety. Therefore, the engineers are stepping up research for fireproof cable data backup and personnel safety.

Fireproof cable currently widely used mainly UL series flame retardant cable and the fire-resistant wire and cable two categories. In the imported products mainly come from America and Europe, the fireproof cable standard in America and Europe are not compatible, fire ideas are very different, therefore, the first party and the Design Institute in a passive state in choosing products, each of the truth, is often the last to choose according to the actual situation of the capital. Starting from the fire safety and fire rescue, fire resistance performance of the wire and cable demand more and more. For example:

Flame retardant (Flameretardancy) - block, delaying flame spread along the wire and cable, so that the fire did not expand.
Refractory (Fireresistance) -- under the flame combustion can keep a certain time of operation.
Halogen free (Freehalogen) -- a wire and cable material does not contain halogen, corrosive products of combustion which is low.
Low halogen (Lowhalogen) -- a wire and cable materials may contain halogen, but low content.
Low smoke (Lowsmoke) produces less soot - wire and cable burning, namely the higher light transmittance.
Low toxicity (LOWtoxicity) toxic gases produced by the combustion of - wire and cable materials is low.

Research and development Chinese flame-retardant and fire-resistant wire and cable in 1982. After 5 years, aiming at the chaotic situation on the name and model of combustion characteristics, Huadong cable Co., Ltd proposed the combustion characteristics of wire and cable test methods to burn the corresponding, to classify the fire wire and cable, the cable fire class model ZR and fire wire and cable type model NH has been in use ever since.

Along with many new progress made in the development of fire wire and cable in the study, the original model is not enough to use. In addition to production of more and more manufacturers, to formulate enterprise standards, Each takes what he needs. on models, and to make new confusion. The performance of the most prominent is the same, the combustion characteristics of wire and cable, but the name and type are different. Therefore, this paper puts forward establishment method of fire wire and cable type, for later establishment of enterprise standards or industry standard reference. Compilation principle 2 fire wire and cable type
(1) a model corresponds to a combustion characteristics, has the corresponding test method and specific indicators can check, and is represented by the first letter of Pinyin, simplify.
(2) for models with prefix method before common cable types.
(3) the combustion characteristics inherent in ordinary wire and cable, not for another model.
(4) have complementary development.

At present, the international standard China standard and IEC still have some differences, because some standard, IEC issued in Chinese standards, according to the equivalent to the use of the principles of international standards, 3 models and the method is illustrated using 3.1 on the flame retardant (ZURAN)

According to IEC332, the flame retardant with single and bundle branch. A decade ago, wire and cable in China mainly for PVC, chloroprene rubber, halogen products, through a single vertical burning test in the product standard is the basic requirements, so there is no need to give a single flame retardant type. The bundle of C class as a flame retardant wire and cable of the basic requirements, the B class and a class as a flame retardant requirement of users must be specified.

Now the situation is different. Polyolefins such as polyethylene, polypropylene, ethylene propylene, natural a benzene and other flammable materials, when the flame retardant products through a single vertical burning test will give models, to distinguish the flammability characteristics of the original. The bundle burning with flame retardant A, flame retardant B, flame retardant C, flame retardant D points, so ZA, ZB, ZC, ZD models to distinguish. The flame retardant D for the new proposal IEC, suitable for wire and cable outer diameter of 12mm and below. The total volume of non metal material the sample is only C class of 1/3, namely 0.5L/m. Requirements for fire time of 20min and scorch height less than 2.5m and C the same.

In addition, IEC332-3 has a rule, namely do a test, if the sample is taken at intervals (a conductor than 35mm2 occasions) in the front row standard ladder when not, may be behind the arrangement, and expressed by AF/R. Or a wide staircase (0.8m wide) all rows in the front of the ladder (AF), and with double torch for fire. But if large specification cable ladder in the standard front row down, with single burner for fire, still denoted as AF. In order to simplify the model, for this kind of situation is denoted as ZA. 3.2 on the refractory (NAIHUO)

According to Chinese standard GB12666.6-90, refractory is divided into class A and B two levels. For a fire temperature is 950 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃, the fire temperature B is 750 ℃ ~ 800 ℃. Earlier NH models for fire resistant wire and cable, according to the requirements of IEC331-1970 standard, our country is equivalent to the standard B class. Because some users require a type fire-resistant wire and cable, however, in the standard IEC60331-1999 IEC recently published, for fire temperature is 750C ~ 800 ℃, and the increase of testing temperature proposals are still under consideration. When the fire wire and cable model can be simplified as a team if IEC to test temperature to separate classes, our model will have room for development.

A non halogen (WULU) or low corrosion, with W said: IEC60754-2:1991 (1997 Revision), Chinese equivalent of the national standard for the GB/T17650.2-1998 method, wipe the labeled PH4.3, R (conductivity) 10ps/mm. Many foreign countries or companies to halogen-free standard set for the HCI5mg/g, people have to follow, this is not appropriate. Because IEC60754-l has clearly pointed out that this method can not be used to determine the content of HCI is less than 5mg/g material, which cannot be judged "halogen free". Secondly, when the content of HCI >2mg/g, the aqueous solution of the pH value is less than 4.3, which is inconsistent with the requirements of IEC60754-2. In addition, some people think that the index of PH4.3 IEC, and Germany's index is PH3.5, so IEC requirements higher than in germany.

A low smoke (DIYAN), also said D. Although with low halogen D repeat, but has been established, in the model combination is not misleading. The requirements of low smoke and international standards for the light transmittance of 60%. It must be pointed out, wire and cable in China based on PVC for the low smoke and low halogen materials made of low smoke, it is not up to the above requirements, should not use low smoke type. Unless otherwise stated in the product standards, the index lower than international standards or national standards.

With the continuous development of the integrated wiring industry, especially the rise of the data center, people pay more attention on data security and information transmission, cable as highway, in the transmission process for the sudden disaster resistance ability is naturally becomes a hot field engineers research, fire as integrated wiring "three" is the first of the will become a priority among priorities. Who if you want to DOSOMETHINPREVIOUSLYUNRELEASED in security cable, so the cable fire prevention research in occupy a leading position, has become the inevitable.

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