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Introduction of Wire and cable PSE

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-25

Japanese appliance market is one of the most influential and attractive market in the world, the Japanese government and consumers on the safety of electrical products is also very attention. Since April 1, 2001, the Japanese "electrical supplies ban law" officially changed its name to "electrical appliances Safety Law", unified use PSE mark, and to strengthen the importer punishment.

PSE (Product Safety of Electrical Appliance & Materials) certification (in Japan called "fit check") is a Japanese electrical products mandatory market access system, is an important content of Japan law "electrical appliances Safety Law". At present, the Japanese government in accordance with the provisions of the Japanese "electrical appliances Safety Law", the electric product is divided into "specific electrical supplies" and "non specific electrical supplies", the "specific electrical goods" includes 115 kinds of products; "non specific electrical supplies" includes 339 kinds of products.
Wire and cable are "specific appliance", according to the "electrical appliances Safety Law" requirements, need to obtain diamond PSE logo, can be produced or imported.

The need to obtain PSE diamond shaped logo synthetic resin insulated wire range:

     Plastic insulated cables合成树脂类绝缘电线

     Cables (having a conductor nominal cross-sectional area of 22 mm2 or less) 电缆(导体的公称横截面面积在22mm2以下者)

     Single-core PVC cords单芯PVC电线

     Single-core polyethylene cords 单芯聚乙烯电线

     Single-core polyolefin cords 单芯聚烯烃电线

     Twisted PVC insulated cords绞合PVC电线

     Textile braided PVC cords袋状编织PVC电线

     Round braided PVC cords圆形编织PVC电线

     Other PVC cords其他PVC电线

     Other polyethylene cords其他聚乙烯电线

     Other polyolefin cords

     Sheathed flexible cords护套软线

     Tinsel cords天梳

     PVC sheathed flexible cables PVC护套软线

     Flame resistant polyolefin sheathed flexible cables阻燃聚烯烃护套软线

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