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Low smoke zero halogen calcium silicon application of intumescent flame retardant plastics in the wire and cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-05-19

Low smoke zero halogen calcium silicon intumescent flame retardant system is a new type of merchandise on the century 90's developed called Casico TM, which consists of: ethylene propylene copolymer, the surface treatment of chalk and silicone elastomer composition, from the system breaks through the traditional ammonium polyphosphate (APP) as acid source, pentaerythritol (PER) as carbon source, melamine or derivatives as source model. On the basis of the principle of development (HFLS) of non halogen low halogen fire retardant cable plastics, flame retardant function are largely filled with aluminum and magnesium hydroxide flame retardant filler, the flame retardants release during combustion of water of crystallization, absorb a lot of heat, thereby inhibiting compound temperature rise, delaying the polymer thermal decomposition, reduce the burning velocity. The types of cable needs a lot of inorganic flame retardant materials are filled, which will greatly reduce the processing material extrusion, and the mechanical properties, the cable easily in use process caused great loss of transverse cracking, the application value of cable products.

In recent years, the combustion conditions, such as the moulding surface concentration gradient of flame retardant increased, can improve the flame retardant effect. According to this principle, can be added a small amount of silicone into the plastic. So when burning, silicon organisms enriched in the molding surface, can obtain high flame retardance.

Casico TM low smoke zero halogen calcium silicon Shenghua Cable Group designed intumescent flame retardant plastics, the expansion type flame retardant mechanism is based on EBA (ethylene propylene copolymer) as acid source and carbon source, CaCO3 is the source, the new source in SI containing components of the existing conditions to achieve the better the match, to overcome the traditional intumescent flame retardant system absorbing component out of weakness. Among them, SFR is a silicone polymer a transparent, viscous, by interpenetrating polymer network crosslinking mechanism and into the polymer, greatly reduce the flow of silicon.

Shanghai Shenghua Cable Group in cooperation with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the establishment of the school enterprise cooperation research center, a comprehensive research and flame retardant materials; and Chinese flame retardant society, Sinopec and other users and experts to set up R & D center, Chinese flame retardant, flame retardant products and promote the industrialization and marketization.

Taking SFR as the flame retardant agent, only need to use very low to meet the flame retardant requirements, and maintain the original properties of the substrate. So if the fire safety level in high places, as long as the increase dosage, can achieve excellent flame retardancy and smoke suppression, and elongation, mechanical properties can meet the requirements, the real implementation of the low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable requirements. This type of model material cable Shenghua Cable development group has engaged in mineral oil functions, is cable products, locomotive, vehicle, marine oil production department long expected, on the export of foreign engineering is the coordination and support of powerful.

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