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Management and application of wire and cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-15

Cable is mainly used in power system, information equipment machinery transmission system, instrument system. Cable management of each type are not the same. It has a wide application, it has reached our daily life so many fields. Because of its unlimited application and cost efficiency, network wiring and it is not only used in professional and was used in each application, will need to.

The basic characteristics of the connection cable is that once it is used to provide a specific grip, it has the same grip, until forever, unless it has been deleted. Because of its unique design, nylon belt and gear rack ratchet sleeve end use, once with insert and tighten the case, any size, it is not possible to relax its grip the eternal. In any case it can relax, if any change we need to open and we had to cut and replaced with new cable tie in accordance with the new requirements. This type of cable connection only used once. This can be used as a good choice, as a temporary ship lock and the most common application, you'll find out with baggage at the airport. They use it as a temporary lock loose luggage or other open area of luggage.

Office in the cable management professional layout of any building, cable ties, home use can not be ignored and there are many smaller applications where we can see the most efficient and easy to use tool type. It can manage the cable on the bike or any of the other two wheeled vehicle, transport vehicles, hold the line in the computer central processor or any normal family holding small objects.
In case we need to put some cable from another corner a corner, hold the cable together, cable tie wrap it along to a circle, insert to ratchet, through an ideal level of air tightness and the end of it. Add a few more such cable hanging line look at just the right distance and messy will disappear. The normal relationship between cable is a one-time use, can be used as the only drawback, but because of its low cost, simple way to organize messy wires, this drawback is compensation.

These cables are usually made of nylon and has a good power to almost any kind of object in our normal life. It plays a very important role in the barbed wire fence, temporary construction site, the temporary shelters, management disorderly power and data cable is widely accepted and used in almost every part of the housing, office buildings, residential and commercial buildings, industrial, agricultural, packaging, food and medicine etc.. Sometimes the stainless steel tie for specific applications. A special type of metal detection cable comply with safety standards for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries by the competent departments of the local governments.

The main drawback of cable connection, one-time use, take is now some reusable Zip Tie cable is also available in the market such as Velcro hook and loop fasteners and mil relationship. Flag zipper necktie is also available in some code marking signs, or any other type of marker. Relations between the cable of different colors can be found the color coding for the purpose of also with the surrounding color.

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