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North American aluminum alloy conductor cable theft accidents to reduce Street

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-04-21

The general cable, copper core street lamp cable is frequently stolen, is because of the residual value of the copper conductor has a great temptation for thieves. In the scrap metal market, waste copper prices highest, for example: no tin layer, section 1.5mm2 above 1# waste of pure copper wire, 2012 March, foreign market price for the $3.43 US/ pounds.
Foreign somebody special to do an in-depth study of copper and aluminum, two metal value compares.

cable type
current-carrying capacity 90℃ Conductor
weight Ib/ft
of core
Total weight
Salvage value
The total
copper cable #6 65 95 3 285 $3.43  3000 $2,532.65 
aluminum cable #4 65 39 3 163 $0.81  3000 $403.24 

Waste copper such high residual value, leading to USA and Canada frequent cable theft. In 2011 November, America Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) report published by: because of the high residual copper core cable hitherto unknown stolen accidents often cause power outages, so as to affect the public security and disrupt important facilities.

The electric shock, the occurrence of electricity and telephone line fault and street lamp power America often, and many city due to financial difficulties can not be repaired. America general cable companies that, according to the North American copper core street lamp cable anti-theft experience, the only feasible road lighting cable anti-theft measures, electrical performance and reliability of copper core cable, and the cable conductor is equal to or better than the small residual copper instead of copper core cable. Security measures is the most successful AA-8000 series aluminum alloy cable instead of copper core cable, because the performance of AA-8000 series aluminum alloy cable with copper core cable has been pretty, even better than the copper core cable.

In Canada, every year because of cable theft accident caused the loss of millions of dollars. For example, in 2011, Vancouver Surrey stolen cable street lamp accident losses of $about 3000000. The police to be kept constantly on the run, and said "all kinds of anti-theft measures can prevent stolen cable street lamp, as long as the price is high, the thieves will make every attempt to find methods of theft of copper". Surry power sector is also a lot of research, test line lamp cable aluminum alloy has been installed in a few blocks, found the thieves on the cable is not interested, the reason is the market value of the scrap copper wire for $3.43 US/ pounds, and aluminum alloy wire value only $0.81US/ pounds. So, Surrey City Hall decided to promote the use of AA-8000 aluminum alloy conductor lamp cable.

The thieves also pay attention to the maximization of economic benefits. The conductor weight and value is the main factor of the consideration. The conductivity of copper is equal, the weight is about 2 times the aluminum, and aluminum core cable residuals only copper core cable residual 1/4. Before the cable to sell stolen scrap conductor, also need the stripping layer such as processing, the thief think risk theft aluminium core cable not be economical.

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