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Performance comparison of common cable with fluoroplastic insulated cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-06-17

(1) general cable (such as VV, YJV, KVV, KYJV and other models of cable) overload and short-circuit small heat capacity, long-term working temperature 70 ℃ or 90 ℃, cannot withstand the higher ambient temperature; at the same time, PVC insulation thermal contraction, thermal cycling performance is poor, affecting the circuit safety. Fluorine plastic insulated cables allowed working temperature is 200 ℃, not only can work in a high temperature environment, and can greatly improve the current carrying capacity of cables.

(2) general cable laying in oil, steam place, because the oil and chemical material existence, the insulation layer of swelling, aging, cracking, mechanical and physical properties of scrap loss caused by wire. Fluorine plastic insulated cables due to acid, alkali and fluorine plastic various chemicals, which has excellent anticorrosion performance products.

(3) general cable insulation layer of relatively low mechanical strength, easy to be injured, hurt caused by power supply accidents. Fluorine plastic insulated cables with high strength, high hardness, can prevent mechanical injury.

(4) when the common cable has moisture intrusion, the dielectric loss increases, insulation resistance, the service life of wire. Fluorine plastic insulated structure compact cable, the insulating layer and the conductor closely combined, can effectively prevent the external water immersion, grease and moisture juice.

(5) general cable flame retardant is poor, after adding flame retardant, reducing electric insulation, produce large amounts of toxic fumes when burning, has a great harm to the environment, equipment and staff's life. Fluorine plastic insulated cables oxygen index is high, amounting to more than 95%, almost no burning, flame retardant properties of other materials by the incomparable.

When the PVC cable combustion will emit hydrogen chloride and carbon dioxide gas, Greenpeace identified as "synthetic chemicals known to science, toxic".

When the FEP cable burns, it releases the colorless, tasteless, but more toxic than hydrogen fluoride hydrogen chloride stronger. Test shows that, there is also a danger of gas in the FEP smoke. This super toxin has never been human understanding, now the research on it has stopped, but also somebody thinks this super toxin is only experimental product, does not exist in reality.

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