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Railway investment to 800000000000 new projects to 64

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-05-07

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Industry: Transportation

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Progress: the project approval stage of verification

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Informed sources from the Department, China railway company held a teleconference on April 30th implementation of the relevant decisions of the State Council, a total investment of over 700000000000 year basis, increased to more than 800000000000; two projects from the previous 44 to 48 basis, this increased to 64; three is a new demonstration projects in terms of maturity when, years can also be started; the four is new this year put into operation in line to be reached to 7000 km; five is the equipment investment increased from 120000000000 to 143000000000.

28 to 29 April, the vice premier of the State Council Ma Kai to Shanxi, Shaanxi, investigation of railway construction, and presided over the work conference held in Xi'an railway construction. He fully affirmed the railway construction has achieved remarkable results, points out that the railway is still the weak link of the comprehensive transportation system, accelerating the development of railway, is the current and long-term benefit, benefit, not only to promote economic development, but also benefit the livelihood of the event. The State Council decided to further increase the railway construction, continue to promote the reform of the railway investment and financing system, multi absorption of social investment, expand the scale of investment in fixed assets of railway, the new line production, increase mileage increase of new projects.

Since this year, railway investment plan has been continuously adjustable high, this is the third time adjustment. This is after the railway in 2011, 2012, 2013 for three consecutive years, the slowdown in investment, high return to 800000000000 yuan, which is second only to 2010 history of vertices of 842652000000 yuan. According to the State Council for the national development and Reform Commission, responsible for coordinating the various ministries to implement the funding problems, total iron is responsible for coordinating local government funds.

The new project will be concentrated in the central and Western regions. The general manager Chinese Railway Corporation, Sheng Guangzu said, this year there will be 78% on the railway construction investment in the central and Western regions. Industry insiders said, is expected to include has the important strategic status of the Sichuan Tibet railway, Korla to Golmud railway; in addition, such as Qingdao railway, at the beginning of the year are not included in the eastern project China railway company plans, the additional investment, is expected to start during the year.

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