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Reasonable selection of plastic granulation process

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-05-21

When determining the filler masterbatch formulation granulation process is an important factor to determine the quality of grain.

(1) the heating temperature of the heating temperature depends on the carrier resin softening or melting temperature, carrier resin softening or melting temperature is higher, the heating temperature is higher, the general should be higher than the melting temperature of 5 ℃ resin. Heating temperature is too low can not fully melted resin carrier resin Co., also can not be completely coated inorganic powder, the surface roughness of intermediate agglomerate particle cavitation, resin and inorganic powder not into homogeneous system. The heating temperature is too high, volatile additives, screw shear stress decrease not plasticizing, also affect the Muli quality. Under normal circumstances, two zone temperature is the highest temperature region granulation, than the two area of low temperature 10 ℃, three zone, four zone and two zone temperature is basically the same, from five to die by the gradient 5~10 ℃ decreased.

(2) the speed of the main engine for certain specifications of the twin screw extruder, the engine speed depends on the yield, the engine speed is higher, the higher the output. Practice has proved that, for any double screw extruder, not yield the bigger the better, the general should be controlled at the highest speed 60~70% host. Speed is too high, the particle in the screw retention time small, naturally plastic is not good. The speed of the main engine should also and feeding machine speed and cutter speed to match, can appear otherwise the outflowing or particles are too small or too big abnormal phenomenon.

- this is not a simple engine speed or feed speed single issue. A macro sense, the engine speed reflects the material out of the host in the screw speed, and feed screw speed reflects the feed screw to screw transmission velocity. So here is about feeding speed of screw and screw speed is matching problem.

1, when the feed screw speed relative screw speed over an hour, the screw material do not completely fill the gap in the screw, screw, material is relatively small, small load, the material in the screw in the shearing is a low stress, not up to the dispersion effect is good. (this can be seen, the filler dispersion is not only with small molecular dispersion relations, and in fact the production process and mixing process and other factors are closely related.)

2, when the feed screw speed relative screw speed is too large, the feeding screw is transmitted to the host screw clearance in the feed, always not be screw transmitted, water cut grain, so screw gap supersaturation, too late to send the material in the large extrusion, compaction, and collision, looking for a breakthrough, this time will be from the glass fiber export or vacuum in overflow, causing glass mouth overflow or feed back, even vacuum plugging.

In general, 60~70% control the engine speed at the highest speed is appropriate, it is considered the high engine speed is 1, while the low engine speed is 2, it should be regarded as abnormal production, which may involve some other problems, such as high speed (the highest speed host 100%), the machine high load operation, may reduce the service life of the machine and so on.

(3) the use of water pump and vacuum pump is a device used to adjust the screw temperature too high, unless a regional temperature, under normal circumstances should as far as possible the water valve is closed, can save power consumption, as long as the temperature regulation is reasonable, the pump can not.

The vacuum pump is used to remove device low volatile component, generally used for grafting reaction or starch filled masterbatch production. For the production of inorganic powder filler masterbatch, or less is best not used. Vacuum easily in the materials out of additives, or forming dispersed in the matrix resin masterbatch.

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