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Sector conductor to reduce manufacturing costs three core XLPE cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-03-29

With the rapid development of the national economy and the progress of technology, market made high quality and low price requirements for wire and cable products. We need to research on the existing conventional products, fully tap the potential, to create greater economic benefits. At present, XLPE insulated power cable (hereinafter referred to as the crosslinking cable) conductor with circular compacted stranded conductor, the conductor of the structure in the insulation extrusion and multi-core cable when the process control and the operation is simple, but the insulation wire core circular in the cable is formed to fill the void with filling material, to to ensure cable finished cable appearance of roundness. This increase in cable auxiliary materials at the same time, also improves the cable outer diameter, virtually added after the procedure of material consumption, increase the manufacture cost of cable. In the new national standard cable due to the elimination of the insulating power cable conductor is a circular pressing crosslinked polyethylene specified limits, taking into account the amount of the additional materials, if the conductor for fan, the fan-shaped insulating wire core cable is round, which can not only greatly reduce the cabling cable core filling materials, while reducing the cable outer diameter, so that after the processes of material consumption can be reduced, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost of cable.

1 key technology
Based on the above, the design of the cable structure of corresponding. The key problem is due to the circular conductor radius of curvature of the outer surface of the sector conductor is less than the same section of the local electric field strength, causing adjacent insulation layer is higher, to solve this problem, we must optimize the design of the sector conductor cross section. Semi conductive shielding layer of cable and the insulating layer extruded into three layer coextrusion, using conventional circular compact conductor three layer when the eccentricity is not easy to control, more three layer coextrusion and a conductor, one can imagine the difficulty of process. We passed many times repeated trial, the final design a set of three layer coextrusion die, so as to basically solve the difficult Extrusion insulation technology sector conductor.

2 Design and test of process tooling
Because the sector conductor in the plastic power cable insulation extrusion, usually as a single layer extrusion, and can be directly used circular tube extruding die. While the CCV unit of the insulation extrusion of three layer co extrusion, rubber material flow state is more complex. In order to obtain the shape well insulated, must adopt appropriate die. I plant has the following four kinds of test scheme.

2.1 core mould sleeve with fan-shaped, extrusion type
The actual extrusion after the discovery, although the line core and die are fan-shaped, but out of the insulation layer thickness is uneven, fan-shaped wings at the minimum insulation thickness, thickness of insulation in large fan-shaped surfaces, the result is the appearance of fan-shaped insulating wire core is not obvious, and close to the circular. Analysis of the reasons that the extrusion die, make the molten rubber pressure in the flow passage, and because the die sector makes the outlet pressure is not uniform, lead to the difference of glue in the section, resulting in sector shape is not obvious and become round.
 2.2 The core is round, die sets for the sector, the half pipe extrusion type
After many times of partial treatment, insulation wire core periphery of substantially uniform thickness, appearance showing fan-shaped, but because the pressure on the smaller tube extruding die, the extrusion of rubber compound and the conductor cannot be combined very well, resulting in compound pendulous; vacuum to the nose, gum sagging phenomenon disappeared, but there is a bar in fan-shaped face. Analysis of rib reason considered pressure at the die exit is not uniform, in sector two surrounding a straight edge and the edge there is greater pressure, resulting in thickness is difficult to control.
2.3 the mold core and the mold sleeve are rounded, pipe extrusion type

Die die is still with vacuum processing, the insulation offset, fan-shaped section forming the basic insulation layer of substantially uniform thickness of the peripheral, fan. But the insulation wire core crosslinked pipes crosslinked and after cooling, found the insulating layer and the emergence of thin fan-shaped wings, two straight edge thickness. According to the analysis: in the sector conductor extruded polyethylene layer in the cross tube curing, but has not yet formed, there is a considerable period of time is still in the molten state, therefore, because of the role of surface tension, the sector around the thickness change.
The 2.4 core is round, die sleeve is elliptic, pipe extrusion type
The mold is interested in the sector two corner insulation extrusion thickness. Extruded, cross-linked and after cooling, a substantially uniform thickness of the peripheral sector, but the arc edge thickness slightly thinner than two straight edge. For the thinnest point meet the requirement of the national standard, but the overall increase extrusion thickness.

3 test results
After repeated trial comparison, the final design of the core is round, die sets for the tube extruding die ellipse, the line core insulation extrusion of a number of YJV228.7 / 10kV 3 × 240 mm, the cable made of multi-channel technology cable through performance test, has been delivered to users.
4 Analysis of cost comparison
In the YJV22 8.7 / Lo kV 3 × 240 mm XLPE cable as an example, the 10 kV XLPE cable was compared and analyzed with fan-shaped and circular conductor conductor, XLPE cable per kilometer sector conductor to save material cost is 836 yuan. If the 10 kV three core XLPE cable are calculated according to 500 km every year, every year can save 418000 yuan.
5 Conclusion
After measuring, insulated wire core cable cable outer diameter decreases, but the decreasing magnitude is not ideal. The main reason is: Although the sector shape insulating layer is relatively good, but still in the circular arc edge bias, which leads into a cable core diameter is too large, not ideal. Therefore, should further to mold and runner was improved, maximize the insulation thickness close to the ideal state is coated on the sector conductor, in order to obtain the cable outer diameter and the minimum. To reduce the cost by a large margin.

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