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Selection of HV XLPE cable metal sheath

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd Release date:2014-05-30

According to the cable laying on different occasions, HV XLPE cable usually adopts three metal sleeve.

Lead: submarine power cable line, high underground water level and strong corrosive occasions, can choose the lead sheath.

Corrugated aluminium sheath: in addition to the lead set of occasions, usually buried, may choose to smooth or corrugated aluminum sheath.

Aluminum-plastic composite protective layer: in the cable tunnel, cable interlayer and exhaust pipes, external damage probability is small, short circuit capacity small, relatively dry occasions, can choose the aluminum-plastic composite protective layer.

External power departments at home on the three metal set selection is not the same, especially for welded and seamless metal sheath evaluation, also because of the difference of specific conditions and different, sometimes even depends on the designer's preference for power lines.

The domestic situation:

China's power sector has some people insist that: for high voltage XLPE cable metal sheath, seamless than seamed, continuous extrusion of non continuous extrusion. So, some cable factory had to conform to the user's requirements, the expensive imported new or second-hand continuous pressure lead machine, aluminium press or squeeze the aluminum machine, and some cable factory are still used for welding corrugating equipment. But some people think that [4], the cable structure and different production processes, although generally considered seamless metal sheath is seamed, continuous than discrete, but the quality of the cable is determined by a combination of overall quality components, shielding, insulation of conductor, the metal sheath and the outer sheath of the the metal sleeve, and the quality is only one part. Welding corrugated aluminium sheath

In fact, with the development of cable manufacturing technology, this point of view the power sector should also keep pace with the times, because this view is not in line with the trend of development of world cable technology.

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